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Create a lasting impression on your audience with our fine bone china personalised mugs.

Unlock Success With Our Personalised China Mugs

When it comes to promoting your company, branded promotional mugs are a top choice. They’re a great way to spread your message uniquely. Since they’re practical, they can easily make your brand an essential part of your customer’s life.

If you’re looking for quality promotional mugs, look no further than Prince William Pottery. Our bone china mugs – containing 30% to 45% bone in the mixture – showcase the perfect balance of elegance and strength. Despite its delicate appearance, bone china is renowned for its durability.


Explore Our Exquisite Printed Bone China Mug Collection

Marlborough Bone China Mug from Prince William Pottery

Unmatched Elegance With the Marlborough Mug

If you want your clients to indulge in sophistication, try out our Marlborough Mug. The mug’s distinctive handle and ‘lipped’ rim create memorable aesthetics. The expansive 190mm × 75mm offers a sizeable print area for your marketing messages.

With a height of 93mm and a 340ml capacity, the mug perfectly combines form and function. The 1-4 colours direct screen print option ensures vivid and precise branding. This allows your logo to make a lasting impact.

Lasting Impression With the Topaz Mug

Our Topaz Mug is the epitome of fine features. Featuring style and functionality, these custom-printed bone china mugs are designed to impress. You can use them to capture your audience’s attention and enhance the visibility of your brand. This is sure to leave a lasting impression.

With a height of 90mm and a capacity of 260ml, the Topaz Mug is designed for both comfort and style. Additionally, the 160mm × 70mm print area offers a visually captivating canvas for your brand message.

Topaz Bone China Mug from Prince William Pottery
Opal Bone China Mug from Prince William Pottery

Timeless Appeal With the Opal Mug

For classic styling and a generous area for printing your brand message, look no further than our Opal Mug. This timeless bone china promotional mug is a suitable choice if you want to offer promotional gifts to your customers.

It features a 104mm height with a generous 320ml capacity. For a more detailed brand messaging, its wide 160mm × 75mm print area has more to offer.

Refined Elegance With the Balmoral Mug

If you’re seeking sophistication, opt for the Balmoral Mug. It’s a masterpiece in high-lustre white. The backdrop of this promotional bone china mug enhances your chosen printed colours. As a result, it adds vibrancy to your brand’s message.
Standing at 81mm with a 300ml capacity, the mug features a 160mm × 70mm print area. Our Balmoral Mug helps you stand out and make a statement. You can use it to showcase your brand in a class all its own.

Balmoral Bone China Mug from Prince William Pottery

Unveil the Charm: Benefits of Personalised Bone China Mugs

Our fine bone china personalised mugs are a perfect blend of style and resilience. When you get our mugs, you can experience:

Exceptional Durability: Crafted with about 30% to 45% bone content for enhanced strength

Pure White Translucency: Fired at high temperatures, our mugs exhibit a chic, pure white colour

Stylish Glossy Finish: Enhances the visual appeal of your personalised design

Lightweight: To add an element of grace and refinement to any drinking experience

Personalised Touch: You can customise your mug with personalised designs or messages

Easy to Clean: The smooth surface of our bone china mugs makes it easy to clean

Convenient: These bone china mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe

Choose Prince William Pottery for Branded China Mugs

Unmatched Quality

At Prince William Pottery, we offer unparalleled quality of our bone china mugs. Our products not only meet but also exceed industry standards. From the mug selection to printing process, our dedication to quality is evident in every detail.


Our skilled team specialises in the art of creating custom-printed bone china mugs. We understand that every brand is unique. This is why we strive to translate your vision into tangible, visually stunning products that impress your audience.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our company stands out for its unwavering commitment to innovation. We continually invest in state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring that our production processes remain advanced. Our strategic investment helps enhance the quality of our branded china mugs. What’s more, it expands customer choices.

Optimal Customer Satisfaction

At the heart of our mission is a dedication to exceeding customer expectations. We ensure satisfaction with the quality of our bone china mugs. Our team is also ready to make your shopping experience seamless.

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