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Quality Promotional Products For Schools And Universities

In the bustling world of education, standing out is vital. Prince William Pottery specialises in crafting promotional mugs. Our goal is to resonate with the spirit of schools and universities. Our mugs are not just products; they’re tools to enhance your institution’s visibility, pride and fundraising efforts. Trust Prince William Pottery for school promotional products and university merchandise ideas.

Specifically Designed Promotional Products for Schools and Univerities

Are you looking to bolster your school’s spirit or elevate your university’s brand at events and gatherings? Our mugs are the answer. From school merchandise ideas to university merchandise essentials, our range is tailored to fit the needs of educational settings.

We offer a spectrum of options. From cost-effective earthenware branded mugs for widespread school events to refined bone china mugs for exclusive university gatherings. Each mug from Prince William Pottery is a testament to your institution’s identity.

We are dedicated to offering Schools and univerities a diverse range of customised mugs tailored to their unique needs. Whether you’re seeking a branded mug to serve as a powerful ambassador for your school, a budget-friendly option without compromising quality, or a personalised mug to visually convey your schools unique story, we’ve got you covered.

Our Customisable Mugs


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.30

Marrow Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.50

Cambridge Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.30

Bell Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.30

Sparta Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.30

Hillside Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.50

Lincoln Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.30

Marlborough Mug


Bone China Mug
Prices from: £2.50

Topaz Mug


Bone China Mug
Prices from: £2.50

Opal Mug


Bone China Mug
Prices from: £2.50

Balmoral Mug


Bone China Mug
Prices from: £2.50

Cambridge Dye Sub Earthenware Mug from Prince William Pottery

Dye-Sub Cambridge

Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.40

Why Choose Prince William Pottery for Your Promotional Products for Schools or University

Choosing us for your school and university promotional products brings a host of advantages beyond the mug itself. These benefits are not just about the product. They boost your institution’s visibility, create lasting impressions, and offer value to your audience. Here’s how our promotional mugs can transform your marketing efforts:

Educational-Focused Selection

We understand the diverse needs of schools and universities. That’s why we offer products from budget-friendly earthenware to sophisticated bone China.

Custom Designs for Schools and Universities

Our team excels in translating your institution’s ethos onto each mug. We create a distinctive piece that aligns with your educational values.

Durable Quality

Our mugs are designed to withstand the rigours of daily use in educational environments. This ensures your band endures for years to come.

Brand Visibility

Keep your brand front and centre in your daily routines. We can help you turn a simple mug into a powerful marketing asset. As these branded mugs become a part of your audience’s day, your brand enjoys continuous exposure.

Versatile Use

Perfect for school events, university conferences, or as memorable alumni gifts. Our mugs adapt to any promotional needs, making them a flexible choice for various marketing strategies. Their practicality ensures they are appreciated and used regularly.

Personalised Design Process

Direct involvement in the design process for a personal touch empowers you to convey your brand story exactly as you envision it. This collaborative approach ensures that the final product aligns perfectly with your branding goals.

Our Range of Promotional Mugs

Prince William Pottery offers an extensive range of school and university promotional mugs. It’s suitable for any occasion and budget of promotional products for schools. Each mug is crafted to be a durable, practical gift that keeps your brand in the hands of your audience daily. With over 2000 dishwasher cycles tested, our mugs promise longevity and enduring brand exposure.

Earthenware Mugs

Our earthenware mugs offer a classic, rustic charm, perfect for a cosy brand image. They are sturdy and reliable, making them ideal for everyday use in offices and homes alike.

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Bone China Mugs

Bone china mugs add an element of elegance and sophistication to your promotional efforts. Their fine, lightweight construction is perfect for an upscale marketing campaign. It can even be used as executive gifts.

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Budget Mugs

Budget mugs are an excellent choice for large-scale promotions or events. Despite their affordability, they do not compromise on quality, ensuring your brand is represented well.

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Dye Sublimation Mugs

Dye sublimation mugs offer vibrant, full-colour printing. It’s perfect for complex or colourful logos and designs. This technique ensures your branding is eye-catching and long-lasting, even after multiple washes.

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promotional products for schools and universities

How To Order Promotional Mugs

Step 1: Choose Your Mug

Select from our wide range of earthenware and bone china mugs.

Step 2: Get A Quote

Reach out to us for a quote.

Step 3: Customise Your Design

Work with our in-house designers to create your unique mug.

Step 4: Finalise and Approve

Review and approve your design before production.

Step 5: Production

We print your mugs using advanced, durable printing techniques.

Step 6: Delivery

Your custom promotional mugs are delivered and ready for distribution.

Our Commitment to Schools and Universities

At Prince William Pottery, we provide schools and universities with promotional mugs that are not just products. We provide symbols of academic pride and spirit. Our commitment is reflected in our quality, customer service, and understanding of educational branding needs. When you choose our mugs for your promotional needs, you can expect:

Quality assurance

Satisfaction guarantee

Delivery guarantee

After-sales support

Ready to Boost Your Brand? Order Your Custom Promotional Mugs Today!

Are you ready to elevate your university or school’s visibility with a touch of creativity? Don’t miss this opportunity to make a lasting impression with Prince William Pottery’s university and school promotional mugs. Are you planning a large event and seeking unique corporate gifts? Or are you simply aiming to boost your brand’s day-to-day visibility? Our range of high-quality, customisable mugs is the perfect solution.

Act now to take advantage of our expert design team, diverse mug selection, and guaranteed quality. Visit our website, explore our options, and start creating a tangible representation of your brand. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us help you create promotional mugs that truly stand out. Your brand deserves to be noticed. Let our mugs be the vessel that carries your message into the hands and hearts of your audience.