WOW Mugs

WOW Mugs Are Hot Property!

With our dye sublimation and screen printing facilities – we can give your promotional mugs the WOW! treatment…

A touch of technology will give your promotional mugs that extra WOW factor! Prince William Pottery create WOW mugs by applying a heat-sensitive coating to the mug which is then printed using the dye sublimation process.

When a drink is being made and hot liquid is poured into the mug, the WOW! Coating becomes transparent and reveals whatever high-impact design and message you had in mind. (If you need any suggestions, our highly experienced creative people are full of great ideas!) As the printed mug cools, the coating reverts to its original state – waiting for the next drink to be made.

In addition to dye sublimation printing, we can also over-print the mug using screen printing techniques. This creates a permanently visible message which will make your printed mugs really stand out. WOW!