Empower Your Cause with Branded Charity Merchandise

Discover the best charity merchandise in the UK. Prince William Pottery offers top-quality, cost-effective, and customisable branded charity mugs tailored to elevate your charitable impact.

Elevate Your Charity Message with Printed Mugs

Ever wondered how to elevate your charity’s message? Welcome to Prince William Pottery, where quality-printed mugs forge lasting connections. Since 1937, our Liverpool-based family-run company has specialised in providing charities with top-notch promotional items.

More than just mugs, we offer a platform to boost your charitable message, transforming each printed mug into a purposeful vessel while weaving your narrative into daily life.

Have you considered the unique impact that charity-focused printed mugs can create? They leave a lasting impression on supporters and amplify your cause’s voice. Step into a world where each mug becomes a catalyst for change, resonating with those who share your commitment.

Welcome to a new era of charity branding with Prince William Pottery’s printed mugs. Contact us today to learn more

Explore Our Customised Charity Mugs For Your Charity Merchandise

We are dedicated to offering charity organisations a diverse range of customised mugs tailored to their unique needs. Whether you’re seeking a branded mug to serve as a powerful ambassador for your cause, a budget-friendly option without compromising quality, or a personalised mug to visually convey your charity’s unique story, we’ve got you covered.

Our printed mugs employ various techniques, including screen printing for durability and dye sublimation for vibrant, full-colour designs. For those who prefer a blank canvas, our sublimation mugs provide creative freedom for on-the-spot customisation.

Material choice is crucial, and at Prince William Pottery, we offer a range of different options, including earthenware mugs and fine bone china mugs. These include:

Our Customisable Mugs


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.30

Marrow Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.50

Cambridge Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.30

Bell Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.30

Sparta Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.30

Hillside Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.50

Lincoln Mug


Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.30

Marlborough Mug


Bone China Mug
Prices from: £2.50

Topaz Mug


Bone China Mug
Prices from: £2.50

Opal Mug


Bone China Mug
Prices from: £2.50

Balmoral Mug


Bone China Mug
Prices from: £2.50

Cambridge Dye Sub Earthenware Mug from Prince William Pottery

Dye-Sub Cambridge

Earthenware Mug
Prices from: £1.40

Our goal is to provide meaningful tools that amplify your charitable cause. Explore our range to discover the perfect customised mug that conveys your message with impact. At Prince William Pottery, we prioritise your cause, ensuring our mugs reflect the essence of your charitable mission.

The Value of Custom Printed Mugs for Charities

Custom-printed mugs come with a whole host of benefits for charities. Let’s explore key benefits like increased brand visibility, lasting connections, and impactful supporter engagement.

Building Brand Awareness

Promotional merchandise for charities serve as powerful brand ambassadors, putting your charity’s logo and message in the hands of supporters. Every sip becomes an opportunity to reinforce your brand, creating lasting visibility.

Consistent exposure through daily use ensures that your charity stays top-of-mind. This enhances brand recall and recognition among supporters.

Cost-Effective Promotion

For charities mindful of budgets, custom-printed mugs offer a cost-effective promotional solution. They provide long-term visibility at a fraction of the cost compared to other marketing channels.

This budget-friendly approach allows your charity to invest in impactful promotional items that leave a lasting impression without straining financial resources.

Tangible Connection with Supporters

A tangible item like a custom mug creates a physical connection with supporters. It goes beyond digital interactions, fostering a sense of ownership and connection to your cause.

The act of holding a mug with your charity’s branding becomes a tangible expression of support, strengthening the emotional connection between supporters and your mission.

Versatility in Fundraising

Branded mugs for charities are versatile tools for fundraising. Whether sold at events or used as incentives for donations, they offer a tangible and attractive way to support your cause.

The versatility lies not only in their appeal but also in their practicality, making them a go-to fundraising item that resonates with a wide range of supporters.

Lasting Impressions

Quality matters. Durable and well-crafted custom-printed mugs ensure that your charity leaves a lasting impression. Supporters will cherish and use these mugs, keeping your cause at the forefront of their minds.

The longevity of these quality items ensures continued visibility and engagement. This contributes to a sustained impact on supporters.

Community Building

Mugs can act as community-building tools. Whether shared at events or used in everyday life, they create a sense of belonging among supporters, fostering a stronger community around your charity.

The shared experience of using a custom mug creates a bond among supporters, forming a supportive network that further amplifies your charity’s message and impact.

Environmental Impact

Choosing reusable custom mugs aligns with environmental consciousness. It sends a positive message about your charity’s commitment to sustainability. This resonates with environmentally conscious supporters.

The choice of reusable materials reflects your charity’s values and commitment to making a positive impact on both the community and the environment.

Memorable Giveaways

Custom mugs make memorable giveaways at events and campaigns. Their practicality ensures that supporters not only remember your charity but also integrate your message into their daily routines.

The usefulness of custom mugs transforms them into everyday essentials. This ensures that your charity’s message becomes an integral part of supporters’ lives, leaving a lasting and memorable impression.

Charity Merchandise

How It Works

1. Choose Your Mug Style

Browse our selection of custom mugs, including branded, budget, and personalised options. Contact us to get a free quote.

2. Design Collaboration

Work closely with our in-house designers to create a mug that uniquely represents your charity.

3. High-Quality Delivery

Experience seamless production and timely delivery of your custom mugs, crafted to make a lasting impact.

Why Choose Prince William Pottery As Your Charity Merchandise Supplier?

Charities seeking a reliable partner for promotional items need look no further than Prince William Pottery. For more than eight decades, our family-run company has stood as a beacon of trust.

We specialise in providing charities with custom-printed mugs that become impactful tools for your cause. Our commitment to quality ensures that each mug leaves a lasting impression, reinforcing your brand and mission.

Ready to Boost Your Charity's Presence?

Transform your charity’s message into a tangible impact with custom-printed mugs from Prince William Pottery. Let each sip tell your story and keep your cause at the forefront. Contact us today to get a free quote for your charity promotional merchandise.