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12 Effective Promotional Products for Schools and the Education Sector

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Establishing a strong brand presence is crucial. While excellent academics and extracurricular performance are the best way to achieve this, strategic marketing plays a vital role too.

School branding and marketing go beyond traditional advertisements. Many promotional products for schools can help spread the word about your educational institution.

Whether you’re preparing for a fundraising event or aiming to boost morale. These promotional products can have a positive impact. Continue reading to discover how you can utilize these items to enhance your school’s visibility and reputation.

Why Invest in Promotional Products for Schools

School promotional items offer numerous advantages for educational institutions. These items serve various purposes, including:

  • Graduation mementos
  • Welcome gifts for new students
  • Educational supplements for teaching
  • Boosters of school spirit
  • Personalised awards for achievements
  • Tools for raffles and fundraisers

Additionally, custom school merchandise and gifts serve as enduring reminders. Maintaining connections with students, parents, and teachers long after graduation.

School promotional items play a crucial role in raising school awareness by attracting new students, promoting fundraising events, and gaining local support. Investing in these items isn’t merely about branding. It’s about leaving a lasting impression and reinforcing community bonds.

Here are some promotional educational items to consider:

1. Promotional Mugs

Mugs are widely used by students, teachers, and staff for enjoying hot beverages like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Making them a functional and practical item recipients can use daily.

When branded with the school’s insignia or emblem, mugs offer a constant reminder of your institution. Whether used at home, in the office, or in the classroom, these mugs keep the school’s identity prominently displayed.

Unlike some promotional items that may have a short lifespan, mugs can be used for years. Ensuring continued visibility. Moreover, mugs can be customised in various designs, colours, and sizes. Allowing you to cater to different preferences and tastes.

They can be distributed as gifts, sold at the student store, or used at school events.

2. Eco-Friendly Notebooks

Notebooks are essential tools for students and teachers alike. They provide a dedicated space for jotting down notes, assignments, sketches, and ideas. By offering branded notebooks, you provide a useful tool that will be used regularly by students and staff, ensuring repeated exposure to your school’s logo or branding.

Consider choosing notebooks made from recycled or sustainable materials, such as recycled paper or bamboo. These options reduce the environmental impact of production and promote responsible consumption.

3. Student Planners

Student planners, available in various colours, designs, and sizes, are beloved by students for one primary reason: they help with organization and preparation for school.

Distributing this promotional product emphasizes the importance of time management, prioritization, and effective planning in achieving academic and personal goals.

By encouraging the use of student planners, you instill valuable skills that benefit students not only during their academic journey but also in their future endeavours at home and in the workplace.

4. School Supply Kits

School supply kits are a splendid choice for promotional products. They offer students essential tools for their studies while proudly displaying your school’s branding. These kits can be tailored to include a variety of items typically used by students. For instance,

  • Writing Tools: Include an assortment of pens and pencils, adorned with the school’s logo or colors for their lessons and assignments
  • Highlighters: Include a selection of highlighters in different hues to assist students in marking important passages in textbooks, notes, and study materials
  • Rulers: Students can accurately measure and draw lines in their assignments and projects
  • Pencil Case: Provide a branded pencil case for students to store and arrange their pens, pencils, erasers, and other small supplies
  • Calculator: Depending on the grade level, include a basic or scientific calculator to aid students with mathematical and scientific endeavors

These kits are often popular among students because they boost productivity, meet diverse needs, and provide plenty of room for displaying your branding.  This not only enhances their learning experience but also strengthens their connection to the school and its identity.

5. Branded Umbrellas

Umbrellas adorned with the school’s crest, logo, or colours offer a practical solution for students, staff, and visitors during inclement weather. Both sturdy and reliable, umbrellas not only shield against rain showers but also serve as mobile billboards. Showcasing the school’s identity with every use.

Whether walking to class, waiting at the bus stop, or attending outdoor events. Branded umbrellas protect from the elements while promoting a sense of pride and belonging within the school community.

According to a recent ASI Impressions Study, few promotional items match their effectiveness. Consistently ranking among the top 5 promotional products, branded umbrellas offer prolonged brand recall, lasting well over a year. Their practicality, visibility, and longevity make them a standout choice for effectively promoting your school’s brand.

6. Retractable ID Badge Holders

As an educational leader, it’s vital to prioritise the safety of your students. Retractable badge holders are key tools for school safety. They help with student and faculty identification, creating a secure environment. When everyone wears a badge, authorised individuals are easily recognizable.

By having your logo on these badges, your educational institution gets ongoing exposure. Keeping your school’s brand top of mind.

7. Reusable Water Bottles

Drinkware is a common favourite among promotional products for its universal appeal. According to a recent Global Impressions Study, drinkware ranks second only to writing instruments as the most owned promotional item in the US.

Among drinkware options, vacuum-insulated bottles shine for their ability to maintain beverage temperature, whether hot or cold. With various colours available, these bottles offer both practicality and style. Making them an ideal choice for promotional giveaways that are sure to be used and appreciated by recipients.

8. Webcam Covers

Webcam covers aren’t solely for office settings. Students also spend significant time in front of their laptops. Following recommendations by the FBI to cover laptop webcams, promotes security and safety within your school.

Consider distributing trendy webcam covers to emphasize the importance of digital security. For greater impact, you can also tie this giveaway to an awareness campaign promoting digital literacy and responsible social media usage both in school and at home.

By providing webcam covers along with educational materials, you not only enhance security measures but also instill valuable lessons in online safety among students. This proactive approach not only protects students’ privacy but also empowers them to navigate the digital world responsibly.

9. Silicone Bracelets

Schools serve as ideal platforms for launching awareness campaigns on crucial issues like environmental conservation, anti-bullying, and diversity. Such campaigns often span the entire school year, fostering a culture of awareness and inclusion.

Distributing silicone bracelets with the campaign’s key message empowers students to actively promote the cause. These bracelets are visible reminders of the advocacy, sparking conversations and encouraging others to join the movement. By wearing these bracelets, students demonstrate their support and play a vital role in spreading awareness and fostering a positive, inclusive school environment.

10. Recycled Pens

Including recycled pens in your promotional school merchandise is a great way to boost awareness for your school. While numerous brands exist, a good option is the Senator brand’s blue-writing biros crafted from recycled materials. These pens boast a sleek design and are available in matte colours, making them visually appealing.

Featuring a click or push-tip button and a standard imprint of “recycled material” next to the clip, these pens are both practical and eco-friendly. They make perfect promotional items for teachers, who frequently require writing instruments for various tasks throughout the school day.

11. Binders

As students progress in their education journey, the need to organise and manage their academic materials becomes increasingly crucial. Despite the digital shift in learning, the importance of having a physical means to store papers and documents securely cannot be overstated.

This is especially so for university students. When it comes to this, binders provide an effective solution for keeping educational materials organized and easily accessible.

Whether it’s lecture notes, assignments, or research papers, having a designated space for each subject or course can streamline the learning process and enhance productivity. But beyond college and secondary students, binders are also ideal for staff and parents involved in the educational process.

12. Stylus Pens

Promotional writing instruments are a staple 90% of consumers own, making them effective for school marketing. In educational settings, students, often technology enthusiasts, appreciate stylus pens – a type of pen featuring a round rubber tip for touchscreen devices.

These pens serve as practical giveaways for students throughout the academic year. Given the ubiquitous need for pens in schools, stylus pens offer a modern twist that resonates with tech-savvy students.

With their dual functionality, stylus pens are sure to become indispensable tools in students’ bags, combining traditional writing with digital interaction seamlessly.

Get Maximum Value From Promotional Products for Schools

As you can see, promotional products for schools offer invaluable opportunities to foster school spirit, enhance brand visibility, and support educational initiatives. From practical items like notebooks and pens to innovative products like webcam covers and stylus pens, the options are diverse and impactful.

At Prince William Pottery, that’s what we do. We offer reliable printing solutions to ensure your brand remains visible. Reach out to us today for reliable printing solutions for your school promotional items.


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