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Cheap Promo Mugs for Recruitment: Attracting Top Talent to Your Business

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Cheap Promo Mugs for Recruitment: Attracting Talent to Your Business

The current UK job market might look slightly rocky.

However, it means it’s more important than ever that companies find ways to attract talent. As salary budgets decline, you’ll need those high-performers on your team to keep your business productive.

One way to do that is to use recruitment branding. Recruitment branding involves marketing your company to prospective candidates, and it’s a highly effective way of securing the best people.

In this guide, we’ll explain how cheap promo mugs are a fantastic and low-cost way of achieving your recruitment goals.

The Power of Modern Branding

Companies must go beyond creating a business logo in the modern, digital, highly-competitive world.

They need a brand. The more they can share that brand with the world, the better the chance they’ll get noticed. Mugs are ideal in that respect, as they are tangible, everyday items that people will always see.

It leaves a mark in people’s minds, and they remember your name.

Likewise, modern recruitment has turned a corner in recent years. Top businesses want to recruit the best talent, and advertising a job with a decent salary isn’t enough.

You have to be an exceptional company that people want to be part of, and that’s where branding comes in.

Making First Impressions Count

When recruiting, it’s not only the candidate who needs to make an excellent first impression. Your business needs to too.

It helps form a solid and lasting relationship. When talented candidates have a great impression of your company, they are likelier to choose you over a competitor.

A branded mug can share your most important messages. You can use it to discuss your company culture and values to help find a suitable candidate match.

You can share your strengths as a business about how fast you are growing.

It can also represent who you are as a business, whether professional, informal, fun, or passionate. The choice is yours.

Think of it as a selling tool which will become highly effective during a recruitment drive.

Standing Out at Events

Competitive job markets mean companies must find ways to stand out.

There are many occasions when a candidate might compare you with another employer. That includes job fairs, online job ads, social media, university recruitment, and networking events.

You need a way to remind people of your presence in all these scenarios. That’s where a mug can be helpful.

It’s a low-cost way of telling people you were there, and it’s more fun and memorable than a business card or brochure.

It can even be a talking point and a way to spark a conversation with potential candidates. Plus, as a giveaway, it shows people you are a company that values them.

That is a quality sought by any candidate searching for the best employers.

Branded Merchandise and Loyalty

Branded merchandise like mugs sends a message of inclusion. Candidates will feel they belong in your company.

When they return to their daily life with a mug decorated with your logo, they’ll feel part of your team. They’ll be able to visualise a career with you.

That breeds loyalty and affinity long before that candidate accepts a job offer with you. It strengthens that all-important bond and puts you in the top position when making an offer to that candidate.

Even if you don’t make an offer, that candidate will still feel a sense of respect for your business and may return later for another job application.

How to Use Mugs in Recruitment

When is best to use a mug to promote your business? There are a few critical stages of the recruitment process where you’ll find them valuable.

Job Fairs

Your business will sit alongside dozens of other recruiters at a job fair. The best option is branded mugs you hand out when people approach your stand.

You could offer them a branded mug in a bag alongside a recruitment brochure, job application form, and other fun merchandise.

Choose bold colours that reflect your brand and add a memorable company slogan. Display them at your booth with a promotional message inviting candidates to receive their freebie.

Assessment Centres

For significant recruitment drives, you may hold an assessment centre.

While the primary purpose is to sift through your candidates and find the best talent, don’t lose this golden opportunity to market your business simultaneously.

There is a practical element here, too. When candidates arrive at your centre, you can offer drinks in your branded mugs. It’s a little personal touch that will mark you as a professional company.

Final Interview

Once your candidate reaches the final interview stage, you want to make them feel part of your family.

You could offer the candidate a drink in a branded mug during an interview. Or you could use it as a parting gift when the interview concludes.

When designing these mugs, use them to talk about your company’s values or mission. It will help ensure you recruit candidates fully aligned with your business.

Virtual Recruitment

Virtual recruitment practices are becoming increasingly popular. They are practical and low-cost. But they can feel impersonal.

You can counter this by offering a gift like a mug. The easiest way to do this is to send the candidate a QR code or link where they can request their freebie through the post.

Cheap Promo Mugs: Do They Offer a Good ROI?

You’ll have a recruitment budget and want to spend that money wisely.

Investing in branded mugs is an excellent investment because it has a high impact at a low cost. Over time, you’ll see further benefits as your brand becomes more well-known.

Making a Mark With Your Brand

Recruitment in this modern era is more competitive than ever.

There may be plenty of job applications, but your task as a business is to win the most talented people before your competitor does. Recruitment branding, and cheap promo mugs, can help you with that strategy.

Our printed mugs offer the ideal solution. You can get a custom design that perfectly fits your branding – shop for budget printed mugs now.




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