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Promotional Mugs: Choosing Your Supplier

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Promotional mugs help businesses and organisations with brand awareness, customer retention and customer acquisition campaigns. Choosing the right supplier for your printed mugs is of the utmost importance.
With so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. In this blog post, we will look at what to consider when choosing your promotional mug supplier. Helping you feel confident you will be making the best choice for your brand!

The Variety of Promotional Mugs Offered.

The first factor to consider is to find a mug that fits with your target audience. When looking at your target audience, consider the style, size and material of the mug that would best suit their needs. You want the recipient to use your branded mug to maximise your brand’s exposure. Ensuring it suits your target audience is critical.
The supplier you choose should have a mug that will fit your campaign. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect promotional mug.

The Quality of the Promotional Mugs:

The quality of the mugs and decorating techniques a potential supplier has to offer is important . After all, your printed mugs are an extension of your brand. You not only want them to look good but also be functional and long-lasting. Maximising your brand awareness campaign.
For instance, if you are buying screen-printed mugs, ask your supplier if they use ceramic inks. These inks are much more durable in comparison to cheaper alternatives such as UV inks. UV inks can scratch off. If your branded mugs are decorated with UV inks, they will not be as long-lasting, limiting the longevity of your promotional mugs.
If you need coloured mugs, enquire if ceramic glazes are used, as these are dishwasher-safe and scratch-proof, alternatives are available but will scratch off over time.
Investing in high-quality mugs will not only enhance your brand but also show customers that you value them.

The Printing Options For Custom Mugs:

You must consider if a potential supplier can achieve your design with their available printing techniques.
There are a variety of printing techniques for promotional mugs, including screen printing, dye sublimation, pad printing, to name but a few. All have pros and cons.
Discuss with your supplier which printing method best suits your requirements. It may be with a few minor adjustments to your design, you can use another technique which will better suit your target audience or save you money.

The Pricing Of Branded Mugs:

 Of course, you want to find a supplier that can offer you branded mugs that meet all your requirements, but it is important to consider costs.
Get prices for different quantities. When you order personalised mugs in bulk, suppliers can offer greater discounts, it may be more economical to buy in larger quantities and store your promotional mugs rather than buying in smaller quantities.
Also, consider who you are buying from. Are you buying from the manufacturer or a 3rd party? Buying your mugs from the factory will have greater cost savings.

The Shipping and Delivery Of Personalised Mugs:

When buying your promotional mugs, make sure your supplier can deliver your order in time. Your branded mugs may be needed for a certain event or product launch, and you want to ensure that your mugs will arrive.
To make sure your order will arrive on time, it is always wise to ask whether the supplier has the stock of the mug you want. Helping avoid disappointment if the supplier later informs you that they cannot meet your delivery date due to stock issues.
If possible, always order your mugs in plenty of time to avoid problems with couriers and other unforeseen factors that may delay your delivery.

The Company’s Reputation and History:

It is helpful to consider a potential supplier’s history in the industry. Do they have a proven track record of delivering high-quality promotional mugs to satisfied customers?
A company that has been in business for many years is a good indicator that they have the experience and expertise to deliver quality promotional mugs.
The company’s history can provide valuable insights into its level of expertise, reputation, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Choose a provider with a proven track record and a positive reputation to ensure that you receive high-quality printed mugs.

Why Choose Prince William Pottery For Your Promotional Mugs?

Prince William Pottery is a long-established manufacturer specialising in promotional mugs, helping us build a loyal customer base over the past 50 years.
We have large stocks of our range of earthenware, bone china and budget mugs, ensuring we can deliver your branded mugs even with the tightest of lead times. We can even offer a 3-day express service.

With all orders, we offer a pre-production sample. To make sure our customers are happy with the quality of their mugs before production.

We control all aspects of production in house and offer competitive pricing. Ensuring your marketing campaign can reach it’s full potential.
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