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9 Unique Corporate Christmas Gifts for 2023

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Corporate Christmas gifts are a great way to catch somebody’s attention and they don’t have to end up tucked away at the back of the drawer if it’s useful.

These corporate gift ideas can help nurture relationships with your existing clients or find new opportunities if sent out to prospective clients.

With the festive season never too far away, prepare your business with one of these unique corporate Christmas gifts.

Check out our year-round corporate gifts for clients.

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Customised Gift Baskets

corporate gift basket

Gift baskets are always a great way to make your partners and clients feel a little more loved. They are also easy to put together and often contain relatively low-cost items displayed in a luxury way.

With corporate Christmas gifts, personalisation is key to strengthening the bond with your clients.

It may not be achievable for every client, but if you know someone has a particular hobby, why not treat them to a little something special that they can use for that?

Gift baskets are a great corporate Christmas gift because they are tailored to each client and can look impressive when done right.

Gift Basket Ideas

  • Drinks (alcohol, tea, coffee)
  • Food (biscuits, chocolate, snacks)
  • Branded Items (branded mugs, luxury notepads, pens)
  • Client-specific items (if your client likes golf, you could add some golf-related items to the basket)


What you will need for a customised gift basket

  • Some kind of wicker basket
  • Decorative straw or paper
  • Items to fill the basket (booze, food, branded goods)
  • Clear polythene or light fabric to wrap around the basket and its contents
  • A small card to let them know who sent it

Or leave it to the professionals and find someone to create an eye-catching gift basket for you.


2. Corporate Swag Boxes

Corporate swag boxes are a similar choice to a customised gift basket, however, they may align better if your clients or partners are younger and like things that are more modern or tech-related.

Rather than a basket full of wine, you could try a box full of things like charging cables and USB devices. 

But there are a few items that all generations can get on board with. Chocolate bars, personalised mugs and snacks are a common choice for any corporate Christmas gift hamper.


3. Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts

More companies are trying to reduce their environmental impact and take steps towards being more eco-friendly. 

Choosing eco-friendly corporate gifts can highlight you are one of these companies and showcase why you may be a better fit than someone willing to choose something less eco-friendly.

There are plenty of eco-friendly corporate Christmas gifts to choose from. Try getting a personalised chocolate bar with your branding from Tony’s Chocolonely or send out some recycled paper notepads with your branding.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with corporate Christmas gifts for your clients.

4. Desk Accessories

If you want to keep your brand in front of someone all day, desk accessories are one of the best Christmas gifts to consider.

However, you need to think about something that will grab the attention of your clients. Long gone are the days of the lonely mousemat. Find something that will make your clients laugh. 

The purpose isn’t to sell your clients something with these gifts, it is to keep you at the front of their mind when they need you.

Why not get a picture of a funny dog and print it on one of our dye-sublimation mugs for everyone to enjoy?


5. Personalised Calendars

Personalised calendars were once a low-cost choice to send out to your clients and partners. 

A traditional ring-bound calendar is an outdated option nowadays, but if you can think of something unique for your personalised calendar, you can keep your business on the desk or wall of your competitors for the whole year.


6. Festive Food & Drink Supplies

festive foods and drinks

Who doesn’t love to indulge over the festive period? Food and drinks are a fun way to remind businesses of your services and are almost certainly going to be used.

Because food and drink over Christmas is likely to be consumed straight away, throw in a couple of branded mugs, glasses or trays to keep your corporate message clear.


7. Experiences

experience days

If you want to make an impression, choosing an experience for your corporate partners is a great way to bond. 

Just remember, these experiences still need to be tailored to your clients to build those relationships. It’s no use sending someone an invite to a track day if they have no interest in cars or driving.

These experience days are probably the highest-cost choice on our list, but it is a great way to get some time with your clients out of the office environment and create a memorable bond with them.


8. Travel Tags

Travel tags are a great low-cost option as part of a bigger package. They are perfect for partners that are frequently travelling and would get use from this corporate Christmas gift.

Keep in mind low-cost items still need to be classy and refined. If you send your client something cheap and tacky, they are likely going to leave it in the back of the drawer with all the other items they don’t want to use.

You may want to choose a slightly more luxurious design that is made from high-quality materials like leather. That is sure to make a better impression than a cheap piece of plastic that will never see the light of day.


9. Branded Advent Calendars

personalised advent calendar

If you’re looking to make an impression, a branded advent calendar could be a great choice. 

Sure, your clients will love a chocolate calendar, but why not go for something more bespoke?

You could choose a great selection of items to go behind your doors, remember those travel tags from earlier?

By being creative with your advent calendar, you will keep your partners intrigued and excited. It could also be a talking point for their clients when they are in the office. It’s all about creating a lasting impression that will make people remember your brand.


Choose Corporate Christmas Gifts with Prince William Pottery

So that’s it. Nine corporate Christmas gift ideas that will keep your partners and clients happy over the festive period.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to gift your corporate partners as long as it’s memorable and gets a positive reaction. 

Try to keep everything personal and make it feel like you already have a bond with them.

Here at Prince William Pottery, we can help with corporate gifts. We have a range of high-quality branded mugs perfect for gift baskets and hampers.

Get in touch with Prince William Pottery and give your clients a Christmas to remember.


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