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Offline to Online: Using QR Codes on Bespoke Mugs for Enhanced Engagement

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According to the PPAI, 7 in 10 global consumers wish they received promotional products more frequently. The BMPA also notes that 83% of UK shoppers would feel more loyal to a brand that they love if that company sent them a branded item. 87% of them will also hold onto these items for over a year.

Bespoke mugs are a great marketing opportunity, especially if you use a QR code on mug products. Read on to learn how a QR code can boost your engagement when printed on a custom mug.

You Make Multiple Impressions

The average person needs 5-7 brand impressions to remember a company. Since people across the UK drink about 98 million cups of coffee per day, the average person enjoys a cup twice daily.

If someone considers a coffee mug high-quality, they’re likely to use it frequently. You could be making up to two impressions every day on the person who uses the cup. This makes your brand name stick in their mind so that they are more likely to work with you later.

About 72% of people also think that a high-quality promo product means that a company has a better reputation. Those who like your mug enough to use it daily won’t just get more impressions. They’ll have a better view of your business as a whole.

They’ll be thinking about these favourable impressions while sipping their coffee. A QR code on the mug can nudge them toward your website while they’re still in a positive mindset about your business.

QR Codes Are Convenient

Convenience is incredibly important to consumers across both the UK and the world. 83% say that it’s more important now than it was five years ago. Some people even care about convenience so much that they’re willing to pay more for it!

If you put a website URL on your custom coffee mug, recipients would need to go through several steps to get to your webpage. They’d need to manually open their browser on their smartphone, painstakingly type each letter into their phone, and worry about correcting errors before hitting the search button. Even then, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll have misread the URL and typed it in wrong.

An error page is frustrating and can leave people feeling annoyed while thinking about your brand. Luckily, scannable QR codes can avoid this because they’re so convenient.

All a recipient would have to do is open their camera and scan the code. Then, they can click the auto-generated link that the QR code offers. This will direct them to your website within seconds and give them a stress-free, error-free experience.

You’ll have better feelings associated with your brand, and people will be more willing to browse your website because it’s conveniently accessible.

They’re Memorable

Putting contact information like an email or phone number on your mug isn’t a bad idea. You may be able to make some passive impressions with it if people use their mugs in public. But a website URL may be going too far unless it’s extremely easy to remember.

This is because URLs are long and clunky. People are likely to forget them after seeing them in passing.

Using a QR code on your mug means that people don’t need to remember long URLs. While people likely won’t scan codes when passing by someone using your mug, this doesn’t matter.

You need to create impressions with your target audience. Often, people within the same workplace will have similar pain points and fall into your target market. Their values align and they’ll have similar professional needs.

People tend to bring reusable coffee mugs to work and store them on their desks or in a cabinet. Others around the workplace will see your brand name and image. They’ll have ready access to the mug and can scan the QR code to learn what you’re all about.

This will make more high-quality impressions with the people who matter.

You Can Nudge People in the Right Direction

If someone typed your website URL or brand name into Google, they’d likely be directed to your home page. This would give them the chance to browse various pages including your blog and product pages that don’t frequently convert.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but visitors tend to leave a website after 10-20 seconds if it doesn’t make an impression on them. That’s why you need to pack an immediate punch when someone clicks on your webpage.

You can make a QR code direct to any area of your website. A best-selling product page that drives easy conversions can help you make quick sales. A landing page with a strong call to action can make people contact you or sign up for a newsletter.

You can immediately showcase discounts that you’re offering and show people why they should work with you.

Marketing Pays for Itself

Printing a QR code on your mug is also extremely simple. When you work with a quality promo product provider, you can put anything you want on the mug easily. All you need to do is incorporate the QR code into your design alongside your brand name and minimalistic logo.

You don’t need to pay any extra fees. You can access all the benefits of a QR code with minimal effort.

This means that QR code marketing pays for itself. You’ll get inexpensive conversions more easily, which gives you the chance to turn a higher profit. It’s a great way to make a better brand impression completely free of additional charges.

Print a QR Code on Mug Options

Now that you know how using a QR code on mug options can help to increase your online engagement, it’s time to upgrade your marketing strategy with personalized promotional items.

Prince William Pottery is committed to providing you with branded mugs in several different styles so you can choose the right option for your brand. We custom-print any design on these mugs to ensure that you get your message out the right way. Contact us to learn more about how we can help UK businesses thrive.




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