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Promotional Mugs Manufacturing Process

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To create the perfect promotional mug for your company there is a complex manufacturing process involved.

At Prince William Pottery we have been visiting our global suppliers of blank earthenware mugs to discover the the journey of our humble mugs from our partners in the far east to our very own factory in the UK.

The initial step in creating your promotional mugs is creating the clay that is used for earthenware mugs. The clay is blend of ingredients including kaolin clay, sodium feldspar and pottery stone to name but a few. These ingredients mixed with water create the foundation for creating our mugs.

Mug manufacturing - raw materials to make clay
Raw materials to make clay
Mug manufacturing - clay production plant
Clay production plant

The clay is then dried and excess water is squeezed out of the clay to create the material used for mugs. The picture below shows the machinery used to squeeze the excess water out.

Mug manufacturing - squeezing water out of the clay

Once this process is completed the clay is then rolled in to cylinders and cut ready for the body of the mugs to be created. The cut clay is put into moulds that form the body of the mug. These moulds determine the thickness of the clay and the shape of the mug,

Mug manufacturing - mug moulds

The mug body is removed from these moulds and inspected for any imperfections and any rough edges are trimmed off. The handles go through a similar process to the body of the mug and then are attached to the body. Here is a picture of the work room. The mugs are waiting to be moved to the next stage of production.

Mug manufacturing - work room

Once the mug is finished it is then glazed, at Prince William Pottery we have a wide range of ceramic glazes available which offer 100% dishwasher resistance and will not chip or scratch off. The glaze is then dried and ready to be fired.

The firing process takes the earthenware mugs to over 1000 degrees. Once this process is completed the mugs are ready to be shipped to our UK based factory ready for decoration. Where the process for creating your decorated mugs begins.

Mug manufacturing - mugs ready to be shipped

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    im planning to set up a factory which is designed to produce mug business. need more specific infos!


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