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The Best Ideas for Improving Company Culture That Really Work

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In today’s fast-paced business world, a strong and vibrant company culture is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a vital component of success. A positive culture fosters a sense of belonging among employees, boosts morale, and can significantly enhance productivity and retention rates.

Unfortunately though, 36% of employees in the United Kingdom feel that their organizations lack a genuine concern for them as individuals.

And as great as creating a good company culture sounds, creating and maintaining such an environment also poses a substantial amount of challenges for organizations of all sizes.

So, what are some of the best ideas for improving company culture that can help you build a workplace where employees thrive? We’re going too deep dive into practical and innovative ideas for company improvement that have been proven to effectively transform their cultures.

From small-scale initiatives to broad organizational changes, we explore strategies that real-world companies have utilized to foster environments where employees don’t just work for a paycheck but are genuinely engaged and invested in their work and workplace.

How Does Improving Company Culture Impact Your Business?

Before going into the ideas for company improvement, let’s understand why investing time and effort in improving your company culture is worth it.

Just like you want to build a good customer culture in your small business, you also want to build a good employee culture. Not just because we say so though, because there are some real statistics out there behind it.

Let’s take a look at some statistics from in the UK about people working for companies that don’t have a good company culture:

  • Three quarters of employees in the UK say they have been effected by toxic workplace culture and that it affects their mental health.
  • 33% of those say it was because of middle managers.
  • 28% say it was because of other employees.
  • 73% of employees suffering from burnout attribute it to a toxic work environment.

These statistics came from a 2023 study conducted by Oak Engage, a leading company culture consultancy.

infographic with Statistics From Companies in the UK With Toxic Work Environments

Clearly, a poor company culture can have far-reaching effects on both employees and the business itself.

On the flip side, organizations with strong cultures enjoy benefits like increased employee satisfaction and engagement, lower turnover rates, and even higher profitability. Let’s take a look at some of the positive effects companies and employees have seen from a positive workplace culture:

  1. Boosts productivity.
  2. Improves employee morale.
  3. Improves growth mindset.
  4. Supports Better Wellbeing.
  5. Increases collaboration.
  6. Increases Retention.

These are just some of the many benefits of a good company culture, and they all contribute to creating a strong and successful organization.

But improving company culture isn’t just about reaping these rewards; it’s also about creating a positive work environment where employees feel valued, supported, and motivated to do their best work.

Now, let’s dive into some practical ideas for improving your company culture.

Practical Ideas for Improving Company Culture

1. Foster Open and Transparent Communication

First on our list of ideas to improve workplace culture is all about communication. One of the keys to creating a positive company culture is fostering open and transparent communication between all levels of employees. This means encouraging honest and respectful communication, listening to feedback from employees, and being transparent about company decisions and goals.

Some practical ways to foster this type of communication include:

  • Regular team meetings where employees can share their thoughts and ideas.
  • Anonymous feedback surveys to gauge employee satisfaction and gather suggestions for improvement.
  • Town hall-style meetings where leadership openly discusses company updates and addresses any concerns raised by employees.

By creating a culture of open communication, employees feel more connected to the company and are more likely to feel valued and heard. Which at the beginning of this guide we mentioned is a serious issue with 36% of employees in the United Kingdom feeling that their company doesn’t have any concern for them.

a better company culture

2. Feel Good Fridays (or any other day of the week)

Introducing a Feel Good Friday program allows employees to take some time off from their usual tasks and focus on activities that boost their well-being, creativity, or teamwork skills. This can include anything from team building exercises to volunteering in the community, self-care workshops, or simply enjoying lunch together.

Not only does this show that the company values its employees and their well-being, but it also helps foster a sense of community among colleagues.

Plus, taking some time away from work can actually boost productivity and creativity when employees return to their tasks with renewed energy.

3. Celebrate With Promotional Products

Another idea to improve workplace culture is by celebrating milestones and achievements with promotional products. This can include things like t-shirts, custom branded mugs, or even customized gift sets.

These not only serve as a token of appreciation for employees but also create a sense of unity and pride in the organization.

Some ideas for occasions where you could use promotional products include:

  • Anniversaries: Celebrate the anniversary of an employee or team’s time with the company.
  • Achievements and milestones: Recognize employees for their contributions, promotions, or milestone accomplishments.
  • Company events: Use promotional products as prizes or giveaways at company events to help boost employee morale.

Understanding the importance of custom branding and promotional products can significantly contribute to a better work environment by reinforcing a positive company culture and fostering a sense of belonging among employees. When employees receive a tangible item that represents the company, it creates a physical connection to the organization, reminding them of their value to the company and the team.

This recognition can boost morale and increase employee engagement, as it makes individuals feel appreciated for their contributions.

This kind of environment not only motivates employees but also cultivates a culture of inclusivity and teamwork, pivotal for any organization aiming to enhance its workplace culture.

custom branded mug for improving company culture

4. Emphasize Work-Life Balance

In today’s fast-paced digital world, burnout is a major concern for employees. To promote a healthy work-life balance and prevent burnout, organizations need to prioritize employee well-being and encourage employees to take time off when needed.

Some ways to promote work-life balance include:

  • Encouraging employees to use their vacation days.
  • Setting boundaries and expectations for after-hours communication.
  • Offering flexible work arrangements, such as remote work or compressed schedules.

By emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, organizations show that they care about their employees’ mental health and well-being. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, productivity, and retention rates.

5. Invest in Employee Development

Investing in employee development not only benefits the individual but also helps create a positive company culture. By providing opportunities for growth and learning, employees feel supported and motivated to perform better.

Some ways to invest in employee development include:

  • Providing on-the-job training and mentorship programs.
  • Covering the cost of courses or certifications related to their job or career goals.
  • Encouraging employees to attend conferences, workshops, or networking events.

By investing in employee development, organizations show that they value their employees’ growth and success. This can lead to higher job satisfaction, engagement, and a positive company culture where employees feel supported in reaching their full potential.

managers coming up with ideas for company improvement

6. Implement More Recognition Programs

Implementing recognition programs is a simple yet effective way to improve company culture. Recognizing employees for their hard work and contributions not only boosts morale but also reinforces positive behaviors and values within the organization.

Some ways to incorporate recognition programs include:

  • Employee of the month/year awards.
  • Peer-to-peer recognition programs.
  • Social media shout-outs or email acknowledgments.

By acknowledging and appreciating employees’ efforts, organizations create a culture of recognition and appreciation. This can lead to increased motivation, engagement, and overall job satisfaction.

7. Bring Your Pet to Work Day

Whether you’re looking for small business or corporate culture ideas, this one is a must for boosting morale. Start letting employees to bring their pets to work for a day, and the benefits are undeniable. Pets can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood and productivity, and promote a sense of well-being in the workplace.

Of course, this may not be feasible for all organizations, but even implementing designated “pet-friendly” days can have a positive impact on company culture and employee happiness.

Everyone loves their furry babies, and being able to bring them to work can create a more relaxed and positive atmosphere for employees. It also allows colleagues to bond over their shared love for animals, promoting a sense of community within the organization.

sticky note ideas to improve workplace culture

8. Trust in Commitments and Promises

One of the most important aspects of improving company culture is trust. Employees need to feel that their organization trusts them and keeps its commitments and promises.

By following through with commitments and promises made to employees, organizations build a sense of trust and credibility in the workplace. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, loyalty, and overall positive morale within the organization.

The Key to Sustained Company Culture Ideas

The key to sustaining a positive company culture lies in consistent efforts and genuine commitment from leadership down to every team member. Cultivating an environment where employees feel valued, recognized, and motivated is not a one-time task but a continuous process that evolves with the organization.

Implementation of these ideas for company improvement (such as promoting work-life balance, investing in employee development, and creating a trusting environment, among others) are fundamental steps toward building a thriving workplace culture.

Ultimately, the strength of a company’s culture is reflected in its employees’ satisfaction, performance, and loyalty. By prioritizing people over processes, organizations can foster a culture of excellence where both employees and the company can grow and succeed together.



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