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The Best Promotional Items in 2024 That Are Effective in The UK

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Promotional items have long been a strategic tool for businesses looking to boost brand visibility and foster customer loyalty. As we move through 2024, as with any type of product, the promotional items that are most effective continue to change, embracing whatever new trends social media and consumers decide to champion.

In the UK, where competition among businesses is fierce to say the least and consumer tastes are constantly changing, it’s important for our small businesses to stay on top of the latest promotional item trends in order to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a look at some of the best promotional items in 2024 that are effective in the UK.

Which Promotional Items are Most Effective Statistically in the UK?

As a small business, the last thing you want to do is just start throwing away money on items without knowing whether or not they’re actually effective.

Thankfully, there are plenty of statistics available that can help shed light on which promotional items are most effective in the UK. The best promotional materials include items such as mugs, pens, clothing items such as t-shirts, and useful desk items.

Here are some statistics:

  • Outerwear, bags, headwear, T-shirts, and writing instruments create the highest number of impressions among promotional products.
  • Another study revealed that promotional coffee mugs and other ceramic or glassware are the most effective products for ensuring customers remember the advertiser, with a 57% recall rate.

These statistics show that everyday items like pens, mugs, and clothing are effective in keeping a brand top-of-mind with consumers.

template mugs for custom branding promos

The Best Promotional Items in 2024

So, now that we know which types of promotional items are most effective in the UK according to statistics, let’s take a look at some specific items that would be great for promoting your small business in 2024.

Custom Mugs and Tumblers

One of the most classic promotional items, custom branded mugs and tumblers remain effective in 2024.

Not only are they practical and functional for everyday use, but they also offer plenty of space for your logo or message to be prominently displayed. With more people working remotely and enjoying their daily coffee at home, this is a perfect item to reach potential customers in their everyday lives.

A study revealed that 83% of consumers feel increased loyalty to a brand that provides promotional products. This striking statistic highlights the effectiveness of promotional mugs and other gifts in fostering brand loyalty for small businesses.

custom branded mugs in the uk

Pens & Notepads

It’s not new by any means, but the classic combo of a branded pen and notepad remains effective in 2024. These items are low-cost, practical, and offer a large space for branding. They’re perfect for handing out at events or as part of a welcome package for new customers.

Pens and notepads are also great options for businesses that have sustainability in mind. You can choose eco-friendly materials to create these promotional items, aligning with the values of environmentally conscious consumers.

Stress Relievers

In the fast-paced world we live in, stress is a common occurrence for many people. In the UK, 76% of employees report that they have moderate-to-high or high levels of stress. With 79% of those saying they feel that way frequently. This is where promotional stress relievers come in. These items not only provide a useful function but also show that your business cares about the well-being of its customers.

From squeezable toys to fidget spinners, there are many options for customizing and branding stress-relieving products with your logo or message. By providing these items to customers, you can make a positive impact on their mental well-being, and ultimately, their perception of your brand.

Promotional items are most effective when they are useful for the consumer and create a positive association with your brand. Stress relievers do just that.

promotional items that are effective

T-Shirt or Other Clothing Items

As mentioned earlier, clothing items are among the top promotional products for creating brand impressions. In 2024, consider going beyond just t-shirts and explore other options like hats, gloves, or even branded socks.

Clothing items provide a great opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality and style. They also have the potential to reach a wider audience as they are often worn in public.

Power Banks & Chargers

In today’s digital world, everyone needs a reliable source of power to keep their devices charged. This is why promotional power banks and chargers are increasingly popular and becoming one of the best promotional item in 2024.

Not only do they provide convenience for customers, but they also offer a large surface area for branding opportunities. By providing these essential tech accessories to your target audience, you’ll be providing a useful and practical item that they will appreciate and use on a daily basis.

Useful Desk Items

With remote work becoming more and more common and people spending more time at their desks, promotional desk items are also effective in 2024. From custom mouse pads to stationery sets, these items provide great branding opportunities while being useful for the recipient.

Here are some desk items that can be used for promotional purposes:

  • Mouse pads
  • Cable organizers
  • Pen holders
  • Charging stations
  • Desk calendars
  • Sticky notes and notepads

By incorporating your branding into everyday items, you can ensure that your business stays top-of-mind with customers even when they are working from home.

branded desk item for promotional advertising

Maximizing Brand Impact with Thoughtful Promotional Items

Promotional items remain an effective marketing strategy in the UK in 2024. By choosing useful and practical products that align with your brand’s values and target audience, you can create a positive association with your brand and foster customer loyalty.

So, when planning your promotional strategy for 2024, remember to consider the effectiveness of everyday items like mugs, pens, stress relievers, clothing items, power banks, and useful desk items in creating long-lasting brand impressions.

If you want to use effective promotional items, make sure to head over to our page for the best branded mugs for small businesses in the UK.


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