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The Power of Unboxing: How Corporate Branded Mugs Create a Memorable Experience

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According to statistics, 31% of marketers rely on blogging and content creation to increase brand awareness.

Online marketing is essential if you want to grow your brand and reach new customers. But this doesn’t mean you should forget about old-school, physical promotion methods.

One of the most tried-and-tested of these is corporate branded mugs. The humble branded mug might not be the most hyped marketing vehicle of the moment, but it is a highly valuable way to create memorable experiences with customers.

Branded mugs can have an impressive reach and lifespan. They can also help cement positive customer relationships.

Don’t miss out on the power of branded mugs. Keep reading to find out how designing a mug with your company logo could boost your marketing efforts.

Mugs Make for Heartwarming Presents

Research shows that Brits love a good present, and 64% prefer physical gifts over intangible, digital items.

Giving customers corporate branded mugs is a great way to show your appreciation for their business. It demonstrates recognition and can make customers feel valued and special.

Mugs may also leave a longer-lasting impression than a digital gift, such as a coupon code or loyalty-based discount. While these kinds of offerings are nice, they don’t have the same personal touch as a tangible gift that will live on.

Mugs are also one of the most heartwarming options out of all branded corporate gifts. Things like branded pens and keychains can feel a lot less personal.

Hats and branded T-shirts can also be a little impersonal. They might even make customers feel like you’re trying to trick them into becoming a walking billboard for your business.

A mug is a little bit different. Customers don’t have to wear your branding on their bodies. Instead, the branding is like a friendly signature on the gift.

Mugs Have an Emotional Connotation

One of the reasons why branded mugs are a heartwarming present is because mugs have emotional significance. They’re something people use every day, and they’re linked to something most people enjoy.

Here in Britain, we consume more than 100 million cups of tea every day. Tea drinking is woven into the fabric of life, as is coffee for many people.

Because most of us are highly attached to our tea and coffee, mugs have a special connotation. A mug is a far more cosy present compared to, say, a branded water bottle.

If you don’t believe us, consider this. Survey results revealed that 60% of people have an emotional bond with their favourite cup.

This fact alone makes mugs one of the best-branded business gifts. Imagine if some of your mugs became customers’ favourite cups? That’s some serious brand exposure.

Mugs Are More Tangible Than Most Other Marketing Materials

Promotional mugs with a logo aren’t a complicated, sophisticated marketing tactic. But just because they’re simple doesn’t mean they don’t stand out.

Imagine this. You’re a customer, and you’ve recently done business with two different companies. One sends you a thank you email and promptly starts peppering your inbox with promotional materials.

The other one gifts you a branded mug with their business logo on it.

Which company is going to stand out in your mind?

A physical mug is far more tangible than almost any other type of marketing material these days. It’s something customers can hold in their hands and use on a daily basis.

Marketing emails, on the other hand, simply clutter up recipients’ inboxes. Even if customers do read them, they don’t do much to differentiate your brand.

Branded Mugs Get Used

Britain drinks billions of cups of tea each year, which means mugs are in high demand. Mugs get broken, chipped, and stained.

If you gift your customers a mug with your company logo, there’s a good chance they’ll use it. The more your mugs get used, the more visibility this creates for your brand.

Corporate Branded Mugs Can Have a Big Reach

Because mugs are something that typically gets used a lot, a branded mug can have a surprising amount of reach.

When marketers talk about reach, one’s mind tends to jump to things like digital ads, billboards, etc. But you don’t need to have your company name splashed on a hoarding in the center of London to get reach.

A coffee mug might be small, but it can see a surprising amount of “impressions” over the course of its life. Imagine if a customer uses one of your mugs at their work for a number of years.

It could get dozens, if not hundreds, of eyeballs.

Statistics show that 30% of people keep promotional products for up to four years. No matter where your mug is being used during this time, it will be raising brand awareness for your business.

The same isn’t true for things like email marketing and digital ads. A mug can hold customers’ beverages far into the future, when an email’s impact will have evaporated.

Mugs Can Make You Stand Out

Before digital marketing became a thing, branded business gifts were big. Companies advertised themselves physically, and branded corporate gifts were a very common strategy.

Branded swag never truly went away, but companies tend to devote more focus to virtual marketing methods.

If you want to stand out from your competitors and make an impression on customers, corporate branded mugs are the perfect way to do this.

Looking for a Supplier of Corporate Branded Mugs?

Corporate branded mugs make for heartwarming customer gifts. Because they’re tangible, they can have more of an impact than something like an email, which can literally get lost in customers’ inboxes. Mugs are also practical items that get used.

This gives them great marketing reach and longevity.

If you’re looking for a supplier to partner with, Prince William Pottery is here to help. We stock an extensive range of bone china and earthenware mugs in various colours. No matter your design tastes, we have a mug to match and can meet your needs no matter the deadline.

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