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VE Day Mugs: Commemorate this historic moment with a personalised mug!

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Prince William Pottery has a long tradition of producing ceramics to commemorate the great moments of British history and indeed global events.

From the coronation, jubilees, births and marriages of the British Royal Family. These have been exceptional moments in the history of Prince William Pottery, producing hundreds of thousands of mugs.

We produced souvenir mugs for other great historic moments such as the moon landing back in 1969, with other notable events being the Falklands War victory, England Rugby World Cup victory and England’s winning of the Ashes to name but a few.

2020 is no exception to this long-standing tradition. With the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe in World War II being celebrated this year, we have created a range of mugs to commemorate this momentous occasion. We have a range of standard designs, but are also offering personalised mugs to schools, clubs and communities.

The 75th Anniversary will provide the nation an opportunity to reflect on the atrocities and sacrifice people had faced during these dark times, and the courage and determination of people from all walks of life. A three-day celebration is occurring from the 8th – 10th May with many special events taking place. Many local councils are offering funding to local schools and community groups to organise their own celebrations.

Our range of mugs would make ideal souvenirs to remember this occasion. Please call our friendly sales team for prices for both our standard designs and our personalised options.


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