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Branded Merchandise Ideas

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Branded merchandise has been a mainstay in marketing plans for a number of years now. They have shown to be a great asset to use in marketing campaigns.

But how do you know which branded merchandise to use? 

In this post we will dissect which business promotional items are great to use and why branded mugs are the best option.

We sell branded mugs in bulk to a number of businesses who all understand the importance of promotional materials for business. 

Company Merchandise Ideas

Branded merchandise comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on your business goals, you may want to choose something suited to your audience or a number of branded merchandise to get across your company’s message.

Here are our 9 favourite branded merchandise ideas for your business:



branded mugs

Branded mugs are definitely one of the best branded merchandise ideas that you could use for your business.

Mugs are extremely ubiquitous as they are used all over the world and in a variety of settings e.g. office, home etc. 

They are also very cost effective items which means that you can order a huge number of them for a low cost per item. 

There are a few materials that you can choose for your branded mugs but even the cheapest material is very long lasting and easy to maintain.

It’s for these reasons that wholesale mugs are the best choice when it comes to branded merchandise. 



Keyrings are another popular option for businesses. They are small in size and can be transported easily in bulk for a cost effective rate.

From a user perspective they are easy to use and once applied to your keychain they pretty much don’t need to be handled again. 

Keys spend most of their time away from view in people’s pockets or drawers at home, meaning they don’t give your brand much exposure.



Promotional Pens are a cost effective method of branded merchandise. You can order huge quantities with a low cost per item.

Due to their low cost they also don’t have a long product life cycle. 

People use new pens all the time and they are thrown away very easily. Something which is not appropriate for maximum brand exposure.


Tote Bag

white tote bag

Tote bags have grown in popularity over the years. The reason for this is due to the increase in price on plastic bags and the huge emphasis on using more sustainable bags. 

Tote bags are good for brand exposure as they are used outside so there are new eyeballs on your brand. They are also used sparingly and are easily replaced with cheaper, more disposable alternatives. 



note pad

Everyone uses notepads whether they’re at home jotting down the shopping list or in the office taking notes during an important meeting.

A good quality notepad will last the user a sufficient amount of time. When they get full they usually get stored away never to be seen again.  


Mouse Mat

Mouse Mats are extremely lightweight, cost effective and are easily handled in bulk which makes them perfect for giving away at events.

A branded mouse mat will more than likely not be seen by many people and as more and more businesses use laptops, they can be something which is stored away in a drawer and never used. 


Water Bottles

water bottle

Water bottles are very popular items that are used by the majority of the population.

Branded water bottles can be manufactured using a variety of materials including metal and plastic. 

These items do require some upkeep and maintenance to ensure they stay clean and safe to drink from.


Stress balls

stress ball

Stress balls have been helping workers release some much needed stress during the working day for years now.

These tiny foam balls usually have company branding and colours which distinguish them from other stress balls but they aren’t as widely used as other promo items.



There is no arguing that t-shirts are worn by everyone all over the world, so there’s no disputing their ubiquity.

Due to t-shirts being so popular they have a really good record of being seen by others when branding is used on them.

If you’re using t-shirts for branded items, they need to be very good quality if they are to last. This increases the price and can affect your profit margins substantially.


Branded Mugs at Prince William Pottery

So there you have it, a comprehensive list of corporate merchandise ideas which can be used as promo items for your business. 

As mentioned, we specialise in selling branded mugs in bulk.

With our state of the art facility we have the ability to deliver high quality printing on a variety of mug shapes and materials.

Contact us today and order your branded mugs for your business.


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