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How Branded Merchandise Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

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Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or frequently travel to meet with prospective customers, branded merchandise is a great way to grow sales and boost customer loyalty.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different branded marketing products on offer, such as bulk promotional mugs, and how you can use them to enhance your existing marketing strategy.


The difference between marketing and merchandising

Marketing is all of the different ways that you can promote your business to both prospective and existing customers, with the ultimate aim of winning sales and increasing revenue.

For example, your website is a part of your marketing strategy, as are your social media channels, the advertisements you place in magazines, and even the product descriptions that you create. If you’re using it to raise awareness of who you are and what you do, it’s marketing!

Merchandising is all about using products to catch the attention of potential customers, keeping your brand in their memory, and ultimately encouraging them to buy from you.

Promotional merchandise like mugs, clothing, stationery, and toys fall under this category, as you can use branded goods as a way to entice people to make a purchase.


Is merchandise a form of marketing?

Yes, merchandise is definitely a form of marketing, and it should be included in your business’ marketing strategy.

It may not be something that you can track online like you could with paid ads, for example, but it is a specific marketing channel in its own right that can help make you money.

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How can you use branded marketing products to get people to buy from your business?

Now that we’ve established the difference between marketing and merchandising, how can you use branded merchandise to grow your business? Here are a few suggestions:

  • You can use branded merchandise to promote a brand-new product you launch or to thank existing clients for their custom
  • You can offer a branded gift to customers that spend a certain amount of money, increasing average order value and encouraging people to buy more
  • If you operate a referral scheme, you can send existing customers a cool piece of swag to say thank you for referring a new customer to you
  • If you’re attending a trade show or networking event, you can put merchandise on your table to encourage people to come over and start a conversation
  • By including a hashtag on your promotional gifts, you can encourage people to share their merchandise on social media. This provides extra publicity for your business and means new customers become aware of you
  • You can use eco-friendly merch to highlight your values and show your commitment to corporate social responsibility. 72% of people consider sustainability when deciding which businesses to buy from


Which branded marketing product should I choose?

There are a wide range of different branded marketing products out there, making it easy to choose the right merchandise for your needs.

When selecting a branded marketing product for your business, take into consideration what you sell, your target audience, the industry you work in, and your budget.

Don’t forget to think of the practicalities. For example, if you’re posting merchandise out to prospective and existing customers, you might want to offer something light, like a pen, a tote bag, or a mug – rather than something cumbersome like a poster!

If you’re stuck for inspiration, it’s always a good idea to look at your competitors and see what merch they offer.

We think you can’t go wrong with a promotional mug. Mugs are cost-effective, practical, long-lasting, and you can choose the style and design that best suits your business needs!

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We hope this article has inspired you to consider branded marketing products as an effective and efficient way to grow sales for your business.

Remember, your prospective customers typically interact with your brand about nine times before they buy from you. A high-quality branded marketing product (like a promotional mug) will raise awareness and means that when your customer is ready to buy, your brand is right in front of them!

If you’re considering a promotional mug, we’re here to help. We offer a wide range of different styles and designs, and will work with you to create the perfect mug that embodies your business message.

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