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The Benefits of Promotional Mugs for Your Business

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We all know the benefits that high-quality promotional products can bring.

By showing customers and potential clients that you value them, you can nurture relationships that lead to boosted sales and increased customer loyalty.

The only issue? When you have a small marketing budget, you need to select the promotional products that are most likely to resonate with your customers. With this in mind, branded mugs in bulk, like the ones we supply at Prince William Pottery, are a fantastic choice for a marketing tool.

So, why use promotional mugs? Read on to find out why they’re an indispensable part of any marketing campaign you run!


Mugs vs other promotional products

There are many benefits of mugs over other promotional products like stationery, sweets, and toys. Here are some of the reasons why you should be taking advantage of them.


Customers regularly use promotional mugs

The first advantage of a promotional mug is its practicality. When prospective customers receive gimmicky promotional products, these items generally end up going in a desk drawer, never to be seen again. Or even worse, the bin!

However, a promotional mug is something a customer can use every day!

The average person in the UK drinks about two cups of coffee a day, with many people drinking significantly more! This gives you lots of great opportunities to showcase your business and encourage potential customers to think of you. After all, what else will people drink their tea, coffee, or hot chocolate out of?

Got a customer that doesn’t like hot drinks? The good news is that they can give their mug to someone else in the business, meaning you’ve reached a potential new customer. Alternatively, they can use their promotional mug as a pen holder or a plant pot instead!

Worried that your message will fade away in the wash? Our gorgeous dye sublimation mugs have been tested over the course of 2,000 dishwasher cycles, so you know they are long-lasting!


Promotional mugs can effectively promote your brand message

The second benefit of mugs vs other promotional products is the variety available. With many promotional products, you don’t get a lot of customisation options. You can add your logo, and that’s typically as much as you can do!

With a mug, you can choose the style, the colour, the logo, and the messaging, to create a mug that is truly on brand for you.

We have a wide range of different promotional mugs available at promotional mugs North West supplier Prince William Pottery. So whether you choose a delicate and refined bone china cup, or an understated and chunky earthenware mug, we’ve got you covered. We even provide colour-changing mugs to give your brand that extra wow factor!


Promotional mugs offer a fantastic return on investment

Finally, mugs are one of the most cost-effective promotional products on the market.

  • The more you order, the cheaper they become
  • Unlike sweets and food, they don’t go off and have to be thrown away
  • They can be used for a long time without breaking or fading
  • They’re easily stackable, meaning you can store them anywhere

If you’re looking for a cheap branded merchandise idea that provides you with a great return on investment, a promotional mug is the way to go!


Promotional mugs as a marketing tool

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should use promotional mugs to promote your business.

If this article has convinced you that mugs are the best gift to give your customers, we’re here to help.

At Prince William Pottery, we specialise in supplying, printing, and distributing promotional mugs to businesses all across the UK. We’ll work with you to help create the perfect mug that gets your brand message across, all at an extremely affordable price point.

Our team will work with you every step of the way, even sending you a sample of your mug so you can see what it will look like before the bulk printing process begins.

It’s easy to see why we’re number one in the UK when it comes to promotional mugs!

Get in touch with us today for your free, no-obligation quote.


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