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The Top Trade Show Marketing Materials for Success

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When it comes to achieving success at trade shows in the UK (or really anywhere in the world), the right marketing materials can make all the difference. With a well-crafted strategy, trade show materials not only attract visitors to your booth but also convey your brand’s message effectively and leave a lasting impression.

According to, 28% of businesses are preparing their trade show marketing materials 1-2 months in advance. This shows that companies are aware of the importance of planning and preparing for trade shows in order to make a strong impact.

But what exactly are the top trade show marketing materials that can help you achieve success at trade shows here in the UK?

Let’s take a look.

What Are Trade Show Materials?

Trade show materials are any physical or digital items used to promote your brand, products, and services at a trade show. They can range from simple business cards to elaborate banners and displays.

The trade show marketing materials we’re going to talk about today include:

  • Business Cards (physical and digital)
  • Branded gifts
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Banner displays
  • Trade show giveaways
  • Product samples

GoPromotional says that 51% of trade show attendees request a sales rep to visit their company after the show. Which is why it’s so important to carefully choose the right materials that will effectively represent your brand and make a lasting impact on visitors.

With that being said, let’s talk about each one of these marketing materials for trade shows in more detail.

marketing material at a trade show

Business Cards

Business cards are a classic but essential trade show marketing material. They provide a quick and convenient way for visitors to get your contact information and remember your brand. When designing your business cards, make sure they’re eye-catching, unique, and clearly display your brand’s logo and contact information.

It’s also a great idea to think past the traditional style business cards (physically). There are quite a few different brands out there that now offer digital business cards that can be shared with a simple tap or scan.

Evrycard offers digital business cards and are a local UK business. These types of cards are perfect for trade shows as you can easily share your contact information with visitors without worrying about running out of physical cards.

This is not only super convenient, but also creates a memorable and tech-savvy impression on visitors.

Branded Gifts

Giving away branded gifts at trade shows is a popular way to make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression on customers. These gifts can range from simple items like pens and notebooks to more elaborate items such as USB drives or power banks.

One of the best and most effective branded gift ideas are custom branded mugs. 76% of individuals can recall the name of a business that provided them with a branded promotional item. Mugs are also a practical item that people will use on a daily basis, keeping your brand top of mind.

When choosing branded gifts, make sure they align with your brand’s message and are useful for the attendees. This will ensure that your gifts are well received and leave a positive impression on visitors.

custom branded mug for trade show marketing material

Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are another important trade show marketing material. They provide more detailed information about your brand, products, and services for customers to take away with them.

It’s important to keep these materials visually appealing with high-quality images and concise yet informative content.

Flyers and brochures should also be designed to complement your overall branding and messaging. This consistency will help reinforce your brand’s image in the minds of visitors.

Banner Displays

When talking about the different ways to promote your brand at trade shows, you should always consider branner displays.

Banner displays are attention-grabbing marketing materials that can make a huge impact at trade shows. They come in various sizes, shapes, and designs and are often used as backdrops for trade show booths.

A well-designed banner display can effectively convey your brand’s message and attract visitors to your booth. Make sure to use eye-catching graphics, bold colors and keep the messaging concise yet informative.

trade show booth with different marketing materials

Trade Show Giveaways

Trade show giveaways are another popular way to promote your brand and attract visitors at trade shows. These items are usually smaller than branded gifts and can be handed out to a larger number of people.

Some popular trade show giveaways include pens, key chains, tote bags, and phone accessories.

When choosing trade show giveaways, make sure they align with your brand’s message and are useful for attendees. This will ensure that your brand stays top of mind even after the trade show ends.

Make sure to check out this list of the best giveaways at a trade show for some creative and effective ideas.

Product Samples

Lastly, product samples are a great way to showcase your products and allow visitors to experience them first-hand. This allows potential customers to get a better understanding of your products and their quality.

Product samples can range from food and beverage tastings to testing out technology or beauty products. They are not only effective in showcasing your products, but they also create a memorable experience for visitors.

trade show marketing material statistic infographic

How to Succeed at Trade Shows in The UK

Trade shows present an incredible opportunity to promote your brand, network with potential clients, and generate leads. By thoughtfully selecting and utilizing a variety of trade show marketing materials, you can make a lasting impression on attendees and effectively convey your brand’s message.

Remember to keep your materials consistent with your brand’s image and message, ensuring they remain useful and relevant to your target audience. With careful planning and execution, you can maximize your trade show success and create a significant impact in your industry.

For custom branded mugs or more advice on succeeding at trade shows in the UK, head over to our site. Here at Promotional Mugs, we offer a wide range of customizable and high-quality promotional items that can elevate your trade show presence. Let us help you make a lasting impression on visitors and achieve your marketing goals at your next trade show.


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