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16 Best Giveaways at a Trade Show

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Trade shows are where businesses can come and display their products and services to attract new customers.

The aim of a trade show is to leave a mark on those who attend so that they can keep your company’s brand in their thoughts.

At these shows, businesses will usually hand out branded merchandise as a form of advertisement. This branded merchandise can come in all shapes and sizes.

Some companies use branded mugs while others may use USB’s with logos printed on them. There is no limit to what items can be branded nowadays.

In this post we will discuss what the most effective trade show giveaways are and why we believe that branded mugs are your best option.

What Should You Go For 

The best branded items to give away at a trade show are those that are both useful and memorable, while also effectively promoting your brand. 

Here’s a list of 16 of some of the most highly effective branded items that can make a lasting impression:

1. Mugs

Branded promotional mugs

Mugs are our #1 choice when it comes to branded merchandise. Mugs offer a range of benefits that most items simply don’t offer. These include:

  • High Visibility – Mugs provide a large and prominent branding space, ensuring your logo, message, or design is easily visible to both the recipient and those around them.
  • Daily Exposure – Mugs become an integral part of recipients’ daily routines, ensuring repeated exposure to your brand with each use during coffee breaks, meals, and more.
  • Longevity – Due to their durability, mugs have a long lifespan compared to other promotional products, which means your brand stays in front of recipients for a significant amount of time. Our earthenware mug has proven its longevity as it has consistently sold well for over 20 years.
  • Versatility – Mugs cater to a wide demographic, making them suitable for various target audiences, whether they’re students, professionals, or homemakers.
  • Customisation – Mugs offer plenty of space for creative and eye-catching designs, allowing you to showcase your brand’s personality and message effectively.
  • Eco-Friendly Options – With increasing emphasis on sustainability, you can opt for eco-friendly materials or designs, aligning your brand with environmentally conscious values.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Mugs offer a good balance between cost and value, especially considering their long-lasting impact and practicality. Our Sandfield mug is a great cost effective option.
  • Ease of Distribution – Mugs are relatively easy to transport and distribute, making them suitable for trade shows, conferences, or other events.
  • Enhanced Brand Perception – By gifting high-quality mugs, you enhance your brand’s perception as a thoughtful and reputable company that cares about its customers.

2. Tote Bags

Branded Tote

Practical and versatile, tote bags are a popular choice for trade show giveaways. Attendees can use them to carry around materials from the event, and your logo will be prominently displayed.

Tote bags are still not as popular as their disposable counterparts.

3. Branded Pens

A classic choice, pens are always in demand and can be a constant reminder of your brand whenever they’re used. They have a very short product lifecycle and often get lost. 

4. USB Drives

USB Stick

Useful for storing digital information, USB drives with your logo can look professional and give your brand some exposure. 

Thanks to cloud storage options USBs are being used less. 

5. Notebooks

High-quality notebooks are great for jotting down notes during the event and afterward, keeping your brand top of mind.

Once a notepad is used to its full capacity it is usually never seen again. 

6. Phone Accessories

Items like phone wallets, pop sockets, or phone stands are functional and prominently display your logo.

Some phone accessories are suitable for only one mobile type, which can become obsolete quickly. 

7. Water Bottles

branded water bottle

Eco-friendly and practical, reusable water bottles with your logo can be a hit as water bottles are used a lot. 

They are used a lot which means they need to be cleaned and maintained to keep their quality, especially low quality material bottles. 

8. Stress Balls

Playful and stress-relieving, stress balls with your logo can be a great promo giveaway. Stress Balls are cheap and easy to replace once they get damaged or lost, which happens quite frequently.

9. Branded Apparel

T-shirts, hats, or jackets can turn your attendees into walking billboards for your brand, meaning your brand can get very good exposure.

For branded apparel to work properly it needs to be of high quality, otherwise the clothing won’t last after a couple of washes. 

10. Lanyards

man wearing branded lanyard pouring hot drink

Trade show attendees often wear lanyards to hold their event badges, making them a practical choice for branding.

They will be seen by a select group of people which means the brand exposure they have may not be effective. 

11. Hand Sanitisers

In today’s health-conscious climate, branded hand sanitisers are both practical and relevant. But once the bottle is empty it is usually disposed of straight away. 

12. Food and Snacks

Individually wrapped snacks or sweets can attract attendees to your booth and leave them with a positive impression. 

These products may be enticing to giveaway but they are consumables which means they don’t have great reach for your brand. 

13. Custom Stickers or Magnets

btanded sticker

These can be attached to laptops, notebooks, or other items, ensuring your logo is seen regularly.

Stickers can peel easily and fade if they are poor quality. And magnets are usually placed on fridges which isn’t ideal for maximum brand exposure.

14. Customised Keychains

Keychains with unique features or designs can make your brand memorable. Keychains spend most of the day hidden so their reach in terms of brand exposure is limited. 

15. Travel Accessories

Items like luggage tags, travel pillows, or travel-sized toiletries can be especially useful for attendees on the go.

On the go items tend to get lost and if they don’t they are usually only seen when travel is involved which may not be very often. 

16. Calendars or Planners

Practical for daily use, calendars or planners can keep your brand visible year-round. Similar to notepads, once these products are used they are rarely ever seen again.

Branded Mugs for Trade Shows

So that is our 16 best trade show giveaway ideas that you could use for your next corporate trade show.

As you can see, branded mugs reign supreme when it comes to the ultimate trade show giveaway. 

At Prince William Pottery we sell promotional mugs to businesses from all industries. We have clients from all over the UK who see the power branded mugs have for their businesses.

They use branded merchandise to grow their business year on year and stay relevant to their audience and attract new customers. 

If you want to use branded mugs as part of your marketing strategy then please contact us.



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