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How to Print Photos on Mugs

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Everyone loves a personalised mug, and what better way to customise one than with a photo?

A personalised photo mug is a great gift idea. Just choose a funky photo, add it to the mug of your choice, and you’ve got a wonderful present that will put a smile on anyone’s face!

You can create a photo mug to commemorate an occasion, give as a gift after an event, or use as part of your business marketing strategy. The possibilities are endless!

The question you might now be asking is: how do I print a photo on a mug? The good news is that there are many different ways you can do this, but some are definitely easier than others.


Where can I get a photo printed on a mug?

There are many different companies that can print photos onto mugs and deliver them in the post, or you could always do a DIY job and print them yourself at home.

We recommend that you approach a dedicated printing business and place an order, as printing them yourself can create an excessive cost.

It’s important to consider a couple of different things when choosing where to get a photo printed on a mug:

  • The price. You will have to pay for the mugs and the printing charge
  • The style of mug. You can get a wide range of different mug styles, shapes, and colours. You can even get heat-changing mugs!
  • Postage and packaging. How much does it cost to ship your photo mug – this is particularly important if you want to send it to another country
  • The minimum order size. Some companies will let you buy one mug, while others will want you to order a minimum amount

If you’re looking to get a photo printed on a mug, we can help. We specialise in promotional mugs and offer a range of styles so you get the exact finish you want. Why not contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote?


Can I print a photo on a mug using an iron?

Yes, you can print a photo onto a mug using an iron, but it can be quite a difficult process and the print will not last.

We often see people wondering if they can take the DIY route and print their mugs themselves at home with their iron. While we prefer using our industrial heat press, an iron can be an acceptable substitute!

First, you would need to print your photo using a sublimation printer – this is a special type of printer that uses ink that can be transferred using heat. It also prints the image back to front, so it shows up the right way on your mug.

You would then need to secure your print in place with heat-proof tape, making sure it is the right way around as once you have ironed it on you cannot change it.

Next, you will have to use your iron on a low-medium setting and gently rub it over the printed photo. You’ll need to make sure you iron over the entire print; otherwise the final result will be patchy.

Once you remove the tape and carefully peel away the print you will reveal your photo. And that’s how you would print a photo on a mug using an iron!

While this can be a great option if you need a one-off mug, it can be a very long and fiddly process if you need mugs in bulk. Not only this, but your mug won’t be dishwasher safe, meaning you’ll carefully have to wash it by hand each time.

For these reasons, we believe that most people looking at printing a photo on a mug would have a better experience by using a supplier like ourselves at Prince William Pottery.


How to print a photo on a mug: dye-sublimation

We use a process called dye-sublimation to print photo mugs. This is similar to the method used to iron a photo on a mug, but it’s much more advanced!

The photo is printed using a sublimation printer and is carefully applied to the mug. Rather than ironing the image on, though, we use something called a heat press. This uses heat and pressure to transfer the image to the mug.

The photo is infused into the polymer coating of the mug, which means it won’t fade, peel, or go patchy.

Our dye-sublimation mug printing facility is one of the most advanced in the UK, meaning no matter how many photo mugs you need printing, we’re here to help.

Find out more on how to print on mugs with us.


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