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How to Reduce Friction in Your Sales Process

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Sales | 0 comments

Brand loyalty is rising, with about 62% of U.K. consumers willing to pay more to buy from their preferred brands. These statistics signal a shift in consumer behaviour. As such, reducing friction in the sales process becomes even more crucial.

Business owners and entrepreneurs would like to optimise their businesses for more revenue. However, on their journey to a purchase, customers may run into some hurdles. These hurdles add unnecessary length and complexity to your selling sequence.

As a result, they prevent buyers from completing a transaction. They also make them choose to continue their buying process elsewhere. Here’s what you should do to avoid these hurdles to improve your conversion rates:

The Cost of Friction in the Sales Process

Friction in sales is all the annoying bumps and obstacles customers encounter while trying to give you money. Think of filling out endless forms, waiting on hold with customer service, or being surprised by hidden checkout fees. When customers encounter these challenges, they get frustrated and confused and start questioning whether they want your product anymore.

The key to boosting revenue is to clear these buyer objections. Streamline the process, remove those invisible walls, and watch your sales revenue soar. Shorter forms, one-click checkout, and transparent pricing – each smooths the path, letting customers spend more.

Proven Strategies for a Smooth Sales Flow

Plenty of ways exist to create that smooth slide experience for your customers. The key is to keep things simple, clear, and focused on making it easy to purchase items. Discussed below are some of the strategies you should employ:

One-Click Purchases

Endless forms of asking for information can lead to customer hesitation and frustration. Customers may fumble with payment details and battle with security codes, and by the time they finally click “Place Order,” they may wonder if it’s worth it. That’s friction: the annoying roadblocks that slow the purchase path.

In online shopping, friction can mean lost sales. That’s why you should embrace the one-click revolution. But how does it work?

In 1999, Amazon introduced a revolutionary idea: save all your buying info, then purchase with just one click. No forms, no fuss, just instant gratification. This wasn’t just convenient; it was groundbreaking.

The “1-Click” patent helped propel Amazon from a bookstore to an e-commerce giant. It removes the hurdles and the frustration and lets customers zoom straight to the good part: getting what they want. When things flow, happy customers spend more, and your business thrives.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets help hold customers’ payment information-credit cards, bank accounts, or even loyalty points. Examples include PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. They live on the consumer’s phone or computer, ready to help facilitate a transition.

A digital wallet pulls up saved information with a single tap or click, ready to fill the form in seconds. No digging, no remembering passwords, just smooth sailing straight to “complete order.” The process is fast and effortless.

Happy customers who use digital wallets to navigate the checkout page spend more, and your business benefits. So, introduce these digital wallets into your checkout process and watch the “completed orders” soar.

Mobile Accessibility

A website with poor design (think tiny text or squished buttons) can make it difficult for customers to browse your products. In today’s internet-connected era, your website and app needs to be mobile-friendly. A good example of a frictionless app is Uber: sleek, intuitive, and getting you where you need to be with minimal taps.

More people are increasingly shopping on their phones, and a clunky mobile experience is a guaranteed way to lose sales. Optimising your website and app for mobile may mean clear menus and large buttons. It may also mean a checkout process that works with one thumb (like Amazon’s one-click magic).

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Chatbots and virtual assistants live on your website or app can help answer questions. They also guide customers through the purchase steps. This way, customers won’t be kept on hold when contacting your customer service staff.

Prompt and efficient customer support can significantly increase conversion rates. It lets you improve your sales process and lets happy customers proceed to checkout. And when things flow smoothly, more money flows into your business.

Social Proof and Trust Signals

Think of social proof as real people singing praises to your brand. They’re reviews, testimonials, or influencer endorsements, which make you more credible. You can also use them to build trust with your customers.

Loyalty programs and referral rewards are great tools for this purpose. Every point earned and every friend rewarded strengthens the bond between you and your customers. They become cheerleaders, spread the word, sing your praises, and attract new leads to your brand.

Personalisation and Customisation

Most customers visit your store expecting a personalised service. They enjoy the excitement that comes with tailored experiences for their specific needs. Take QR code mugs, for example-a simple scan transports customers directly to the product page, skipping menus and search bars.

With this level of personalisation and customization, you can reduce friction in the sales process. Your customers will feel special, understood, and in control. So, ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and embrace the personalised playground.

Scarcity and Urgency

The premise behind scarcity and urgency is that good things don’t last forever. In the online world, this translates to limited-time offers and countdown timers. Those “Buy Now or Miss Out” banners and ticking clocks aren’t just marketing gimmicks; they’re friction fighters.

They light a fire under indecisive customers, pushing them towards that “purchase” button. But what if you could eliminate friction before it even starts? Enter the subscription model.

Subscriptions turn recurring purchases into smooth, effortless experiences. They combine excitement with convenience. This way, subscription models reduce friction and send sales soaring.

Tweak Your Selling Sequence for Friction-Free Sales Today

Don’t let your customers trip on their way to buying. Smooth out their journey with smart tweaks to your selling sequence. Think “easy buttons” at every step, from clear product descriptions to seamless checkout.

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