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Promotional Products Campaign – What’s Your Purpose?

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Branded Merchandise, Marketing | 0 comments

Gift-giving is a longstanding tradition throughout the UK. Birthday presents can make loved ones smile. A random token of affection can show your partner that you’re thinking of them.

Businesses that give gifts also show their customers that they’re valued.

64% of Brits prefer to get a physical gift over a coupon code or digital offering. Giving them what they want is a great way to stand out during your next marketing campaign. Read on to learn how promotional products can help you achieve business goals.

Achieving Your Business Goals

Promotional products are a means to achieving your business goals. You need to know the objectives of your marketing campaign before designing products to hand out. When you do, you’ll be able to make the impact you want with your target audience.

If your aim is to make your brand memorable, you may want to focus on having a bright colour scheme and interesting images on your promotional mugs. This ensures that you stand out when you incorporate your brand name in bold, easy-to-read letters.

If you want people to check out your website and drive online conversions, put your website’s URL on the mugs you give out. Social media handles will also get people browsing your offerings. Just make sure that your usernames and URLs are short and sweet if you go this route since too much small text can disengage those who see your branded products.

Businesses that want people to immediately make purchases can also add a QR code to the mug. You can print an image of a best-selling product on your promo product beside a QR code that links to its product page. This is a great way to generate immediate conversions, and it can pay off if your target demographic is a group of professionals who may share the mug in an office.

Branding With Promotional Products

Promotional products are a great way to position your brand as an industry leader. Regardless of your specific goals, their aim to to boost awareness of your brand. You have the chance to make a great first impression on both recipients and those around them.

This makes promo products the perfect chance to make a brand impression. People need about 3 impressions before your brand sticks in their minds, and branded mugs can be used over and over for years. You’ll make a name for yourself without putting in any effort beyond distributing the mugs to your target demographic.

Just make sure that your brand information is obvious on the mug. Your name needs to be highly readable, and people need to understand what you do at a glance. Your logo will usually be relevant enough to your products to make this clear, but if it’s not, write a brief 5-word description of what you do beneath the image.

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Inspiring Positive Feelings

Making consumers feel good about your brand is a top goal of using promotional marketing products. You’ll inspire brand loyalty and stand out above the competitors.

In fact:

  • 56% of people feel good about a company after they send them a promo product
  • 85% of people who get a marketing product will do business with that company
  • 91% of consumers have at least 1 promotional item in their kitchen
  • Most branded products will be used for 1-4 years

This is an easy-to-achieve objective when you invest in quality marketing mugs.

If you want to form an even greater impression on consumers, consider personalizing their promotional mugs. If you’re doing a direct mail marketing campaign (rather than randomly distributing items at a trade show), you’ll know the names of those you’re sending products to. You can have personal or business names added to each mug’s design to form a lasting connection.

Giving Clients Useful Items

Ensuring that your branded products are actually useful should be a top goal of any promo marketing campaign. If they’re not, people will just toss them away.

The average mug has a lifetime of about 3000 uses. This is great for the environment since people won’t need to use tons of disposable cups. It also can save them money on paper cups in the long term.

By giving people a promotional mug, you’re giving them something that they’re going to look at 3,000 times. That’s a lot of impressions!

Since those who use the mug will enjoy using your free promotional product, they’re going to be really happy to work with your brand. Your business’s name and imagery will be casually integrated into their daily routine. This will keep you memorable and interesting.

People will also see your brand as high-quality when the mug is made with top-notch materials. Earthenware and bone china are both materials that last, and they look beautiful and elegant.

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Getting Consistent Advertising

If your goal is to get consistent advertising that generates passive conversions, promotional products are one of the best ways to do that. You print your mug and send it to the recipient. This is a one-time cost.

However, it’s not a single advertisement. It can create millions of impressions.

When someone takes their mug into the office or drinks from it with a friend, they show your brand name and information to those around them. People tend to hang around others with similar pain points, values, and professional goals. In other words, members of your target audience will all know each other.

Your branded mug will basically be a moving billboard. This is pretty great for something that can cost as low as £1.50!

You would need to pay a lot more than that to constantly renew a digital marketing campaign. Pay-per-click ads only make a limited number of impressions, as do social media posts. The power of promo products is unlimited.

Bring Promotional Product Ideas to Life

Promotional products are a great way to build a connection with your target market. Now that you know what goals branded mugs can help you achieve, it’s time to create and print your custom design.

Our team is committed to helping you upload art, print mugs, package products, and distribute them to those in the prime of your target audience. We work with all types of UK businesses, so contact us to discuss your B2B or B2C marketing needs.




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