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The psychology of freebies: How Promotional Coffee Mugs Influence customer behaviour

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You’re aware that promotional gifts can help your business. You’ve read about it many times before, but have you ever considered why they work?


Today, we’ll dive into the psychology of promotional gifts, specifically promotional mugs. You’ll see exactly how they work to influence customer behaviour, leading to many benefits for your business.


Promotional Mugs And Brand Recall

The beauty of promotional gifts is that consumers use them all the time. If you hand out some branded mugs, the recipients are likely to use them whenever they fancy a hot drink.


As a result, each time they pick up the mug and use it, they’re reminded of your brand.


This creates brand recall, which refers to a customer’s ability to remember brands. Studies show that around 60% of consumers prefer to buy things from a brand they recall, rather than finding a completely new brand. By getting your company into the mind of consumers, you have a higher chance of converting them to customers when they decide to make a purchase.


Promotional coffee mugs are particularly effective at this, with one study indicating that they are the best products for boosting customer recall. The same study stated there’s a 57% chance of recall with branded coffee mugs.

Building Loyalty With Promotional Gifts

Brand recall does a great job of generating new customers for your business via promotional products. However, did you know that promo gifts also help you build customer loyalty?


Research shows that 83% of consumers would experience strengthened loyalty to a brand that gave them a promotional product. That’s a staggering statistic that shows how powerful promotional mugs and other gifts can be.


Why does this happen? Because customers feel more valued. If you buy something from a brand and receive nothing in return, you don’t feel a connection to that company. But, if you’re given things for free, it makes you feel as though your money is valued, which builds a stronger connection to the brand.


We think promotional mugs are particularly effective because they’re super practical. Handing out high-quality mugs for free shows that you actually care about customers. You’re giving them something they can use every single day. They think highly of your brand and will keep coming back for more.

Promotional Products As Incentives

It’s a tough world out there and your market could be highly saturated with lots of similar businesses. You’re all offering the same products/services within the same price range – how can you make your brand stand out?


Promotional coffee mugs – and other promo products – are extremely useful here. They can be used as incentives to encourage consumers to pick your business over others. There’s data to back this up too! One study shows 75% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that gave them a promotional gift when compared to a similar brand that didn’t give them one.


The psychology behind this is simple. The customer sees that you’re offering the same product/service but with something else thrown in for free. Who doesn’t love a freebie?! They’re getting more out of the purchase, so it becomes an obvious decision.


We can also refer back to the point on customer loyalty and how freebies help them feel more valued. A similar thing happens here – they choose you over a rival company because the promotional mugs make them feel more appreciated.

promotional coffee mugs


Using Promotional Coffee Mugs As Free Marketing

One of the key reasons companies buy promotional coffee mugs is for free marketing purposes. When you hand these out to customers or consumers, you’re effectively pushing your brand out into their worlds.


Let’s say one person has your promotional mug and they bring it to work. They work with 30 other people, and all 30 of these people will see that mug and your brand. These people might ask questions about the mug – such as where they got it from – and this steers the conversation to your business.


HubSpot reports that 55% of consumers learn about products through word of mouth. Your promotional coffee mugs can help generate these conversations and spread the word about your business to other people. From here, you may generate more leads to push through the sales pipeline.


Similarly, even if people don’t ask about the mugs, they’re still advertising your brand. Your logo is proudly on display, your business name is there – and you can even add contact details too. It’s basically like a portable billboard ad!


The best part is, other than the initial cost to make your promotional coffee mugs, it’s a free marketing technique.

Boost Customer Engagement With Promotional Gifts

An article from Search Engine Journal comments that 90% of customers will willingly share their email address when given the right incentive – such as a free product.


Again, this shows the value of promotional gifts and how they influence customer behaviours. You can use them to improve engagement and get more sign-ups for mailing lists. When people purchase something from you, send them an email saying they’ll get a free mug for signing up. It’s minimal effort on their behalf, but you start building an email list that will help you target customers more effectively.


A similar approach can be done on social media. You could put out a new YouTube video on your business’s channel – or post a new blog article – and use your social channels to drive traffic to both. Put out a post saying the first 100 comments get a free mug sent to them. It’s an easy task for people to do, yet it increases the engagement of your content.


Harness The Power Of Promotional Mugs Today

If you want to improve your brand and see all of the benefits above, you need proper promotional coffee mugs. At Prince William Pottery, we manufacture a broad range of options for any business. We have branded mugs, cheap promo mugs and fully customisable products.

Contact us today to see how we can help you create the perfect promotional mugs for your brand!



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