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7 Ways Promotional Items Can Boost Your Business Sales

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Branded Merchandise | 0 comments

Imagine you could walk into a meeting room of your most sought-after prospects without making a single cold call, without sending emails, and without running a paid ad. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But there is a smart and simple way to sell to a business on a minimal budget without even saying a word in that meeting room to pitch your business.

This guide will introduce you to the world of promotional items and share seven unique ways to use these products for business sales.

1. It Improves Your Brand Awareness

Promotional items allow you to share your name, brand, logo, and message. So, it’s an excellent way of boosting brand visibility and ensuring people remember you.

Customers will be reminded about your company and what you offer whenever they encounter your promotional item.

It’s a subtle way to try brand marketing. And it’s vital because when people need to make a fast purchase, they’ll often turn to the brand name they remember first.

You may also find your promotional items in public places, which offers enormous potential for you.

Many people who have never heard about your brand could discover you by doing something as simple as picking up a branded mug.

It’s almost like a silent ambassador for your brand. It works hard in the background to tell people about your business.

2. It’s Cost Effective

Promotional products get you more for your money. It’s one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics around. Consider the cost of digital ads. You pay each time someone sees or clicks on an ad.

Similarly, suppose you want to reach people via Google or social media. In that case, you’ll need to spend money with an agency to help you get a vast audience.

However, with a promotional product such as branded coffee mugs, you pay for the item once, and the opportunities for people to see that item are endless.

Putting a marketing message on a coffee cup that ends up in an office means your brand will – quite literally – be in the hands of anyone served a cup of coffee.

In an era where economic uncertainty puts pressure on business spending, it’s a great way to reduce your marketing spend without reducing your reach.

3. It Helps Boost Customer Loyalty

Part of your marketing efforts will be getting previous customers to return to you. That requires you to build a relationship with your clients and build that all-important loyalty.

Gestures of appreciation can help you do that. If a customer buys from you, you could use this to thank them for their custom by sending a free promotional gift.

That has two benefits. It helps boost customer loyalty as your clients will feel valued, and it gives them a constant reminder about your brand. Promotional items make customers feel like they are an extension of your brand.

They’ll take pride in being a customer, and the right promotional product is something they’ll happily show to the world. That means you’ll get your branding shared with an even broader audience.

4. It’s Tangible

We live in a world where everything is digital, things exist in the cloud, and people are but names on a list of phone contacts. We don’t always have many touchpoints with a business trying to sell to us.

So, if you have a tangible way of reaching out to your customers, it will help you stand out for all the right reasons. It’s an object that your customer can hold and will make a lasting impression.

They’ll take the time to read and digest whatever promotional message you share on that item.

That doesn’t happen with many modern marketing strategies. Most advertising appears in front of a person in a split second when scrolling through social media or browsing Google.

Having an ad with a physical presence is a highly effective way to sell.

5. It Gets Conversations Started With Customers

A promotional item is a great way to break the ice. Suppose you want to reach out to a potential customer. In that case, using a promotional item as a gift is an easy starting point.

It also sets off the conversation on the right foot, as the prospect won’t feel like you are attempting a sales pitch. It can spark curiosity or a question or simply make someone smile.

If someone brings that promotional item back into the office, colleagues might ask where they got it. It’s another way to share your marketing message with your target customer.

6. It Gets You Noticed at Trade Shows

Offering free promotional items at trade shows makes drawing a crowd to your stand easy. That’s all you need to get noticed, and people will feel obliged to spend time at your stand to learn more about what you do.

That’s the time to introduce them to more about your products and services and hand them a brochure or business card alongside their gift. It also shows your business in a flattering light.

You’ll look professional, generous, and a company that values customers. You’ll be the brand that people remember when they leave the trade show.

7. It Can Boost Online Sales Campaigns

Promotional items can help make your online campaigns more of a success. For example, you could host a contest and give away a swag bag of promotional goodies as one of the prizes.

Offering prices is a great way to generate buzz and traffic around a campaign. Plus, it means you have your brand at the centre of your ad, allowing people to connect with you and share their contact details.

If they don’t win your contest, you can follow up with a consolation prize – a smaller promotional item. That’s the perfect opportunity to spread your marketing message to a captive audience.

Using Promotional Items for Your Next Sales Campaign

You don’t have to stick to the usual strategies for sales and marketing. Taking a unique angle will get you noticed, and promotional items are an effective way to do that.

Why not explore Prince William Pottery’s corporate promotional mugs now, like these branded mugs for business, and get your next promotional campaign off to a flying start? Contact us today to see how we can help you with your custom printed mugs.

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