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Custom Coffee Mugs in Direct Mail Campaigns: From Inbox to Mailbox

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Since it takes 5-7 impressions for people to remember a brand, your business will need to stand out in order to land quality clients. Direct mail campaigns can get your name out there and boost visibility. Custom coffee mugs can help to pack the punch you need to make consumers want to work with you.

Here, we’re going to discuss why promotional items like coffee cups can help you find leads and generate conversions. Read on to boost your business with direct mail marketing the right way.

The Benefits of Promotional Items

Research shows that those who receive promotional items will react more strongly to a brand than others will. 90% of people who get swag items in the mail recall the brand’s name, and 80% will also remember the message that you’re trying to get across.

Additionally, promo items give people positive feelings about your brand. In fact, 82% of people who get these items in the mail will have more favourable impressions of your business.

All of these statistics show that swag in direct mail marketing campaigns can make a huge impact. But why is this? The answer likely lies in the personalised nature of promotional items.

When engaging in B2C or B2B marketing, you’re trying to establish a human connection between the recipient and your brand. Customising their experience and making it feel personal to them ensures that they feel special. When you do this, those who receive items will understand that your business has singled them out as the target audience.

They’ll then realise that, since they’re in your target demographic, you likely strive to resolve some of their common pain points. They’ll have your promotional product in front of them and can easily move from their mailbox to your website. At this point, you’ll be able to pack an even bigger punch by connecting with them online.

Why Custom Coffee Mugs?

Branded items and personalised campaigns can help you generate interest and brand loyalty. But why are custom coffee mugs specifically a good idea for swag items?

People across the UK drink an average of 2 cups of coffee each day. This comes out to about 2.8  kilograms per person annually. Coffee mugs are a frequently used item in our daily lives.

Even more interestingly, a person will use one coffee mug an average of 2,000 times before replacing it!

Personalised mugs are a way to get your brand name embedded into people’s minds with something that they use often. Moreover, since you’re giving consumers a useful item, they’ll immediately understand that you aim to provide them with valuable, well-considered services.

Branded coffee cups also get your name out into the world in other ways. People don’t only use their mugs at home – they’ll also bring them to work, which showcases your brand name to everyone around them in the workplace. Since you’re likely targeting others in the same industry, you can make an impression on even more members of your target audience.

In short, custom coffee mugs give you the chance to make hundreds of impressions with minimal effort.

Designing a Top-Notch Mug

To pack the greatest possible punch, you’ll need to design your branded mugs the right way.

First, select the mug shape that you think best represents your brand. A standard Cambridge mug is a timeless classic with its bold and simple lines. Every design fits perfectly on its surface, and it’s an inexpensive option for those running wide direct mail marketing campaigns.

Bell mugs have a curved shape that people like to enjoy as a keepsake. Hillside and Lincoln mugs are slim and tall alternatives that are easy to carry around. They hold a lot of liquid and are ideal for those going for memorable and exclusive aesthetics.

There are other awesome options with interesting handle shapes and curves such as Marlborough and Topaz styles. Assess your options and determine the best fit for your specific tastes, design, and budget.

What to Put on a Custom Mug

Once you choose a mug shape, it’s time to create a memorable design. Minimalistic designs are ideal because they’re easy for people to process and remember. You’ll form more of an impression by sticking in people’s minds than you will with ornate and intricate imagery.

Display your brand name on the mug prominently. Incorporate a simple logo into the design so that people have a visual to associate your brand with. This is critical since people process images 60,000 times faster than text.

Including your website URL is a good idea assuming that it’s simple and easy to remember. If it isn’t, your email address or phone number can go underneath your brand name. This lets people know where they can learn more information or reach out to you.

Using Mugs in Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Prince William Pottery allows you to purchase custom mugs in bulk. You can easily save money this way and ensure that you have enough swag items to distribute to consumers.

In addition to bulk mug printing, we also offer packaging and distribution services across the UK. This helps your direct mail marketing campaign succeed since all mugs will get safely to their final destinations. You won’t make a sloppy impression with chipped or broken promotional items.

You can also include other things in the package with your promotional mugs. This is especially important because flyers, postcards, and informational pages can get all the information about your brand across easily. Recipients will know exactly where to go if they want to learn more, and they’ll get relevant information about the services they’re most interested in.

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Generate Conversions ASAP

Now that you know how custom coffee mugs can make your direct mail marketing campaign a success, it’s time to get started. Prince William Pottery is committed to producing the best branded mugs in the UK so that you can reach out to both B2B and B2C consumers.

We’re excited to showcase various materials, styles, and packaging options so you can make informed choices about your mail marketing campaign. Contact our team with any lingering questions you have about your options.




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