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The Ultimate Guide to Charity Merchandise Ideas

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Winston Churchill is often credited with saying, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” When it comes to charity fundraising, this sentiment couldn’t be truer, and it seems people agree.

According to the Charities Aid Foundation, people in the UK gave £12.7 billion to charity in 2023. Customised merchandise is ideal to promote your charity and boost awareness. If you’re looking for charity merchandise ideas you’ve come to the right place.

Want to know more about customised merchandise for charity fundraising? Then keep reading below to discover the best nonprofit marketing ideas and charity merchandise ideas.

Charity T-Shirts

Picture your charity’s logo and mission statement emblazoned on a colourful t-shirt. T-shirts aren’t just functional and stylish pieces of apparel, they also serve as walking billboards for your charity. Whenever it is worn, it helps spread your charity message and build brand awareness.

Your t-shirt can even include the website address where patrons can go to make donations. This allows your customised merchandise to not only have an impact on the wearer but on anyone else who may see it while they’re out and about in the shops.

Offer multiple colour options to suit everyone’s taste or select your t-shirt colours to align with your charity’s branding. The impact of charity merchandise like t-shirts continues to grow even after the initial charity fundraising has concluded.

Branded Reusable Water Bottles

Nearly 80% of single-use plastic bottles in the world end up in landfills. Even more troubling is that a plastic bottle can take 450 years or longer to decompose on its own.

A branded reusable water bottle is a well-suited piece of charity merchandise because reusable branded water bottles are eco-friendly. This can be especially beneficial if your charity organisation promotes environmental causes.

Customised reusable water bottles can also be branded with your charity’s unique logos and colouring. They are the perfect portable container for hydrating on the go. Whenever a patron goes to quench their thirst, they will be reminded of your charity.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are functional and fashionable items to include in your arsenal of charity merchandise. Your charity’s logo and website will look exquisite on the side of a stylish tote bag.

Choose from materials like sturdy cotton canvas, polyester, recycled PET, and jute. Tote bags also come in a variety of colour options to match your charity’s branding efforts. They can be used as a reusable grocery bag, as an oversized purse, or as a lunch bag with your charity’s brand in tow along for the ride.

Hats and Beanies

Hats and beanies are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to charity merchandise ideas. Hats are great for charity fundraising events all year long while beanies may be more suited for during the cold Fall and Winter months.

Your charity’s logo can be stitched, embroidered, or sewn on in patch form directly onto the hat or beanie. Hats and beanies get a lot of use, which means your charity logo will be front and centre getting the exposure it needs.


Stickers can make charity merchandise ideas for organisations with a limited budget. They can be produced in large quantities at a reasonable price point in bulk. A sticker can be a lasting reminder of your charity.

A sticker can act as a makeshift business card for your charity. Stickers are also fantastic freebies to hand out to guests at charity fundraising events and as trade show giveaways. You can include them in swag bags and mailers as well for added impact.


Wristbands have been a staple of charity fundraising merchandise for some time now. From Autism awareness to Breast Cancer and everything in between, a wristband provides a way to spread awareness for your charity.

Charity wristbands are colourful, durable, and cost-effective when bought in bulk. They can be given out at charity fundraising events or sold individually as charity merchandise. Since wristbands are light and portable, your charity’s brand will be on display on the wrists of your charity patrons wherever they go.

Branded Pens

Everyone needs pens. How many times have you needed to fill out a form or sign a document only to discover you don’t have a pen in your bag? That’s why branded pens make terrific charity merchandise ideas.

Pens are reasonable to produce as charity merchandise and they’re functional. You can easily place your charity’s website address and motto on the pen. Branded pens also come in many colours to match your branding.

A pen can change hands many times through its lifespan via loss and perpetual borrowing. So, even when a pen is no longer in its original owner’s possession, its branding efforts continue to live on through the line of ownership.


Notebooks are ideal for jotting down ideas and notes on the go. With your charity’s logo on the front, it will be an ever present reminder of your impact. You can also include this logo either printed or embossed on each page, along with your charity’s website address.

Combine notebooks and pens together to create a branded stationery set that’s two charity merchandise ideas in one.

Charity Calendars

A calendar is a unique opportunity that provides charity donors with 12 distinct months of images to remind them of your organisation’s values and impact. Make your imagery is memorable and  It’s also important that you try to align your charity calendar’s theme with that of your organisation.

For example, if your charity deals with animal welfare, why not feature some of the animals your organisation has available for adoption? Showcasing these cute and cuddly critters is a surefire way to boost awareness. This may result in higher animal adoption rates as well as increased donations.

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are small and compact, making them easy to carry, wear, and share. This convenience enhances their appeal as a wearable accessory.

A lapel pin can be worn on various clothing items, such as jackets, shirts, hats, and bags. Their versatility ensures that supporters can integrate them into their personal style.

Lapel pins offer various customisation options, including different shapes, colours, and materials to align with their branding. This makes it easy for charities interested in creating merchandise with unique and attention-getting designs.

Custom Socks

Socks are so much more than just a cover for your feet. They are also fantastic charity merchandise ideas. Socks are a fun and funky way to amplify a wearer’s personal style.

These days, you can put just about anything on a sock from pictures of pets to logos and other custom designs. You can even put a person’s name on socks so there’s no confusion about who they belong to. If socks can do all this, then they can certainly bolster your charity’s branding efforts too.

Print your charity’s logo right on the sock for all to see. You can also offer socks in multiple colour options to match your charity or nonprofit’s branding. When it comes to customised merchandise for charity fundraising, custom socks let you put your best foot forward.

Art Prints

Art prints are ideal for creating awareness and promoting your charity. Commission or design artwork that embodies your charity’s unique focus and vision.

Sell art prints as charity merchandise in your online store. You can also create limited-edition or custom prints to auction off at charity fundraising events to earn more money for your cause.

Branded Mugs for Charities

The UK is known for its affinity for tea but new research has shown that coffee may be the new king of hot beverages. 63% of consumers now regularly drink coffee, compared to 59% of those who prefer tea.

Branded mugs for charities are ideal charity merchandise ideas and nonprofit marketing ideas. They’re durable, reusable, and long-lasting. No matter your beverage of choice, there’s a mug to match your style and use needs.

Looking to really turn heads at catch the eyes of patrons at your next charity fundraising event? The Cambridge Dye-Sublimation Mug is a must-have piece of charity merchandise. It comes in striking Black and classic White colours.

But what sets this earthenware mug apart from all of the others is its ability to showcase full-colour print imagery. You can place a high-quality full-colour photo on this mug for optimum customised merchandise appeal.

The black mug has a print area of 190mm x 80mm, while the white mug offers a print area of 220mm x 85mm. It also has a 330ml capacity and is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe for 2,000+ washes.

With prices starting at just £1.40 per piece and a minimum order quantity of 108, it’s attractively priced for all your charity fundraising needs.

Find the Best Charity Merchandise Ideas at Prince William Pottery Today

The right charity merchandise ideas can help you maximise your charity’s reach and exposure. Branded mugs for charities are some of the best pieces of charity merchandise because they are stylish, functional, and long-lasting. This means that long after the charity fundraising event is done, your mugs are still making an impression.

Prince William Pottery believes in the impact that good customised merchandise can have. We carry a full line of high-quality bone china and earthenware mugs for all of your custom promotional needs.

Ready to get started on your customised merchandise? Contact us today for a free quote.


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