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Why Create a Direct Mail Campaign?

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While digital marketing and email campaigns have a vital place in business, studies show that they are not as memorable as print marketing. Studies show that 56% of consumers find physical products more trustworthy than digital information, making direct mail a core part of any good SMB advertising strategy.

From mail flyers to branded mugs, there are many great options for kicking off an effective direct mail campaign. Read on to learn some facts about this small business marketing method and how you can create a great advertising plan in 2024.

The Basics of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a type of small business advertising. Instead of posting about your products and services online or displaying them on a website, you physically deliver marketing materials to potential customers via the post. Mail flyers are a common staple of direct mail marketing.

You also can send out things like physical coupons, promotional codes for in-store shopping, magazines, catalogues, and postcards. This boosts your visibility among recipients. It also means that you reach the prospects that matter most to you since you’re shipping things straight to their doorsteps.

Direct mail isn’t only for mailing flyers and slips of paper. It also gives you the chance to make an impression with promotional products. Whether you want to ship out pens, T-shirts, or branded mugs, these limitless possibilities mean establishing yourself as a brand that provides real value even before people make a purchase.

What Makes Direct Mail Profitable in 2024?

Direct mail has been proven a profitable marketing strategy:

  • Consumer advertising mail creates £27 billion of revenue annually
  • 82% of customers feel satisfied after buying from a company that sent them mail
  • Business higher-ups open 82% of advertisement-related mail
  • 60% of print marketing materials sent to individual B2C consumers get opened
  • 87% of people receiving direct mail make online purchases
  • 86% contact the business or reach out to them

But why is this the case?

92% of people who receive a direct mail advertisement will go to the company’s website or social media pages. They’ll try to learn more about the brand and drive inbound traffic to your website. This means that direct mail marketing can increase the success of online marketing strategies, so the two work well together.

Direct mail marketing also is great because it directly targets those you want to make an impression on. People who receive branded mugs and other mail items realise that you selected the product, sent it directly to them, and personalised their package. They’ll know that you chose them above all others to spread your message to, so your services must deliver real value to their demographics.

Plus, everyone loves to receive mail. It’s fun, memorable, and makes the recipient feel valued. They’ll immediately have fuzzy feelings toward your brand, especially if you send them a useful promo product.

Mail Flyers and Beyond: Branded Merchandise for Direct Mail

To make the most of your direct mail campaign, you’ll need to choose appropriate products to send out. Flyers and brochures are tried-and-true marketing materials. They can contain a lot of informative content as well as coupons and promotions.

Unfortunately, though, they’re not extremely memorable. People are more likely to throw them away without reading them than they are to throw away an exciting box. Even those who do open flyers won’t necessarily care enough to form an impression.

That’s where interesting swag items come in.

T-shirts and tote bags are interesting items that have utility. The recipient can use them over and over again, which will make your brand stand out in their mind. Pens, pencils, wallets, stress balls, and other small items also work well in some cases.

However, nothing makes an impression quite as well as a good branded mug does.

The #1 Promotional Product

Mugs are an extremely useful everyday item. Almost everyone enjoys a cup of coffee or tea at some point during the day. A free mug is a gift that people can appreciate for its utility.

This utility also means that it makes more impressions. The average mug is used 4-5 times daily for nearly 15 months. It gets about 2000 uses throughout its lifespan.

When someone is using your branded mug that frequently, they’ll see your brand information all the time. It won’t just become part of their daily life – your brand name will become associated with the positive feelings people get from their daily drinks. They’ll remember you and have positive feelings for you.

People are also likely to bring branded mugs into work. This means that the recipient won’t be the only person you make an impression on. Everyone around them will get your brand information and remember it since they’ll see it so frequently.

Your business is probably targeting people in the same demographic as those in that workplace. They’ll be of the appropriate occupation and income bracket for your services to have value. You can get a lot of great customers simply by word of mouth.

Combine all this with the fact that there are a wide variety of marketing mugs to choose from, and there’s no debate that branded mugs can set your direct mail marketing campaign up for success.

Engage in Effective Small Business Marketing

Now that you know why mail flyers, branded mugs, and other direct mail marketing material work, it’s time to get started. We’re committed to offering custom-printed mugs at an affordable price so you can make impressions and conversions. Contact Prince William Pottery to take your UK business to the next level.

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