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10 Promotional Ideas for Events

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Businesses up and down the UK attend corporate events throughout the year. These events allow businesses to promote themselves and make new connections with potential customers.

One tried and tested method used as self-promotion at these events is the use of branded merchandise.

Companies use items such as branded mugs as a way to leave a lasting impression on those who attend such events.

In this post, we will cover what other items are used as event giveaways and why we believe mugs are the best choice.

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Branded Merchandise Ideas for Events



There are many things to give away at events, but these are a selection of some of the most popular branded items that businesses tend to give away.



Promotional items such as branded mugs are the best choice when it comes to event giveaways. Their versatility and long-lasting quality make them the perfect promotional item.

Mugs are an everyday item which means they are constantly in peoples line of sight throughout the day as they sit on desks, tables and worktops. 

They come in all different shapes and sizes, which is ideal for printing your company branding. 

Take our Marlborough mug as an example; its large print area makes it a top choice for businesses wanting their branding to stand out.

If you prefer a more elegant look, then our Lincoln mug could be a great choice also. Either way, using branded mugs as part of your promotional endeavours is a sure way to keep your brand relevant and your audience engaged.  

Printed mugs


Pens are small and compact items which are easy to transport in bulk to live events and conferences.

Their sleek and practical design makes them a popular choice to give away at events. Their product life cycle tends to be quite short as they are essentially disposable items.  



Notepads are useful items to give away, especially for attendees at corporate events.

They are ubiquitous items which aren’t just used in a professional setting, they are used at home or on the go.

A good quality notepad will look the part, but it will eventually run out of pages, just like every other notepad. Then it will reside in a drawer or on a bookshelf for the rest of its days. 



Probably one of the most practical items on the list, especially if you live in the UK! 

Umbrellas help people stay dry, but they also help businesses get good brand exposure when they’re used by the general public.

Good quality umbrellas can be very expensive items to source. If cheaper options are used, they don’t last very long when they are tested against the outside elements.  

Stress Balls

Stress balls became popular quite many years ago and have stayed relevant items ever since.

They aren’t as popular as items such as personalised mugs, but they do have their place. They are extremely lightweight and easy to purchase in bulk, which helps keep costs low. 

Due to the nature of stress balls, users tend to lose them easily and find replacements quickly due to their low value.

Power Banks

With everyone’s excessive use of mobile phones nowadays, there aren’t many people out there who would not benefit from a branded power bank.

They’ll be able to charge their phones on the go and not run the risk of getting a flat battery on their mobile.

Power banks can be expensive items to source and brand, not to mention they can be difficult to transport in bulk depending on their size and weight. 


Lanyards are synonymous with office environments. They are a practical product that can help keep important items such as pass keys and fobs safe.

Lanyards are rarely seen outside of the work environment, so they aren’t ideal to gain maximum brand exposure. 


Coasters look nice on a desk or a coffee table, especially when they have some high-quality branding printed on them.

Their main function is to have items such as promotional mugs sitting on top of them. Not exactly great for getting your brand in front of more people.


Giving away branded clothing is always going to be a popular choice. After all, most of the general population wears branded clothing.

So it’s clear to see that branded apparel has huge potential when it comes to promoting your business.

If you use low-quality material for your branded apparel, then don’t expect it to last long at all. People will dispose of a low-quality item of clothing as quickly as any other promo item.

Phone Case

There is no arguing about how useful a phone case can be. Phones are a huge investment, therefore people like to use phone cases to give them the best protection possible.

Due to the hundreds of different phone shapes and sizes, it’s difficult to source the right quantity of phone cases for a particular model.

You could end up with a huge amount or surplus, depending on which phones attendees have at that particular event.

Use Prince William Pottery for Your Branded Mugs

These items listed are popular, but thousands more promo items can be used as giveaways at events.

At Prince William Pottery, we sell branded mugs in bulk, which means we can supply quality promotional mugs at a competitive price.

We also have the latest printing technology, so your company branding can look flawless when printed onto our extensive selection of mugs.

Contact us today, and we can quote a price for your bulk mug order.

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